As per the thread title, I just got my new board back from glassing.     The new board is 7’ 10’’ X 23’', to a 7 inch square tail.      Nose 17 inches, Tail 16 inches.   The outline is that of the OBQ model, (one board quiver) with a strong emphasis on small waves.    The board is poly foam, with 3 x 4oz deck, and 2 x 4oz bottom, infusion bagged epoxy, by Wes Lakey @ E V F.     Single fin, for now.     the board is finished in solid white.     Plain vanilla, with a single 3/8th inch Basswood stringer.     Not an eye catching board, IMO, but functional to the max.     No fancy woodwork, no fancy colors, or airbrush.     Just a surfboard.     The practical performance range is 2 foot to 12 foot Calif. waves.     I expect my performance range to be that 2 foot, to possibly 8 feet.    My days of riding  seriously large waves is over, but not riding waves in general.    Looking forward to having some fun.


Looking forward to pictures…

Aloha Mako,

As I’ve said before,‘‘I’m not a picture taking kind of guy.’’    This is a low key board, not meant to attract attention by it’s appearance.     I will be sneaking some ‘‘interesting’’ fins into the water, and my usual glamorous looking board, would just draw too much unwanted attention.     The other reason is that a board too attractive, makes me overly cautious and timid, in the water.    I end up being protective of the board, to the detriment of my surfing, and my enjoyment of it.


Hi Bill,
From what I’ve seen, all of your boards fall into the too attractive label. Its good to hear you will be getting some water time.

just finished this…

btw…great talking w/ you and meeting bird last week…it was a very magically,weird,great day !

looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

my best to you and yours,

Aloha,and Mahalo bill



I’m almost afraid to ask, what part was weird?     Was it something I said?


from my personal archives: the man and his OBQ

Thanks for that pic Huck, good to see Bill in real life.

What’s he doing there and what’s the story behind…

1/. The disembodied shoe walking towards Bill…

2/. The third of a surfboard…

3/. The funky winged shaped things on the desk ???

He is leading a design seminar at the surf heritage museum, the boot belongs to a seated attendee, the 1/3 surfboard is attached to the other 2/3 behind whatever it is blocking the view of it, the wing looking thing is a curved balsa wood sanding block courtesy swaylocks member Swied (I have one and use it frequently), the blue and yellow board is the OBQ, albeit the twin/single fin version.

Aloha Huck,

The curved sanding blocks, were actually created and donated by Mr. Jim Phillips, to be given in our drawing at the event.   Lots of other goodies were donated by a number of folks, for that event as well.       Blanks, fins, boxes, tools, etc.


no, nothing you said or did…i was refering to the man who paid bird a visit.

alls good in the end.


Well Bill, I’m gonna disagree with you on that, not that it matters to me of course, I love my curved sanding block regardless of who made it, but in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due…

I dug through the dusty old archives, and found the original roundtable thread from 2010, and found that back when it was fresh in my mind, I said “McDing brought at least 3 blanks, and Mahana donated one also.  There was a power planer (no not a skil 100, although McDing brought one to show) that was donated, I’m not sure by whom.  Swied brought several of his custom shaping sanders (donated), and there were some awesome fins / fin boxes donated.  All were raffled off, at $1 a ticket.  A lot of winners.  I won a sanding block and a 7’5” Mahana blank (poly)."

And back when it was still fresh in your mind, you said “How could I forget Scott Wied!!    Donor of some nice balsa sanding blocks.” http://www.swaylocks.com/forums/next-surfboard-design-workshoproundtable?page=3

When I posted this picture on flickr about 3 months ago…

Swied commented “Hey Huck! Is that the concave sanding block that I made for the give away at Thailkill roundtable forum several years ago? I’m glad you are still using it.”


Jim phillips shows those sanding blocks in his shaping video. It was done around ten years ago. Lots of people bought these videos and used Jim’s designs. The “shaping paddle” comes to mind and also these balsa sanding blocks. He had two or three with different radiuses.

    Jim is a tool freak like me.

Yeah, I kinda figured there was probably a connection to Jim Philips there, just wanted to clarify who made the one I got.  Its a real handy tool for certain things, and a regular in my arsenal.   Searching the archives for “shaping paddle” this is what comes up…

Yeah our 7th grade Math Teacher use to carry one just like that in his brief case.  Minus the 50 grit though.  That was a nice day down there.  Thanks for the pics Huck.  L

I was at that forum. I really wanted one of those balsa blocks. Took home a blank donated by McDing. I also remember getting a roll of construction paper from my truck and tracing some templates. Great time. Some great discussion about fins. Still would love to get one of those balsa blocks.

Here is the story behind the sanding blocks.

Bill Thrailkill generously gave me a sanding block that he said was made by Jim Phillips.  I really liked it, so I made four “close” copies of it with some left over balsa wood; with the intension of giving them away at the upcoming surfboad design forum lead by Bill.  The original, plus the copies, are shown in the image below.  The original is the one that is nearest to the camera lens.

I still have the original and use it regularly.