Just for Ben

Here yer go Ben ! These are the runners from my Re-Cyclops Bonzer - now with a True Ames fin fresh from California !


thanks very much mate …

how many layers of what oz cloth , did you use ?

And, what are the base and depth measurements of those , please ?

… cheers !


I just saw this now …good timing , too, as tomorrow I hope to be riding my wooden bonzer runners [2] on my “fish”…

Hi Ben

Glass was 6oz x 24 layers. 9" base x 2.5" height.

Let me know how your runners ride !


okay, rode them today on my prawn .

In the choppy waves , they jumped a bit , going straight across the face [trim].

On the smoother waves , they felt GREAT off the bottom and off the top.

The only thing I will change on the next set …THINNER , and less cant .


There are three days of onshores and rain forecast from now on, but hopefully next week , if the report is right , I might be able to try them out in bigger, smoother waves …

chip how much cant did they have?

hi ‘deathy’ !

…I don’t have a protractor , to measure the angle , but I drew up 90 degrees , then 60 then 45 degrees …

very nearly 45 degrees I would say …probably at least 23 degrees too much [they sure overhang the rails !]

here’s the thread showing them …around photo no.21 …wood core runners , with a matching back fin …



…they did one interesting thing today, Steve …

On a backhand reo [“off the lip”] , I thought I had misjudged it , and gone over the back off the wave . But somehow , the angled bonzer runner engaged in the lip , the board swung around , and I came back down into a bottom turn . Felt freakish [for me, anyway !]…kinda like the feeling in skating when your wheels and trucks hit a metal coping , and for a second you hang there , then slide back down the bowl . [or , often , in my case …the trucks hang up , the bolt scrapes , and …slam ! [again?!]