Just Found..............Re-Discovered

When I was a kid I use to hang out at their shop on Midway dr in the old lumber yard. They had to move down the street when the freeway got built over the old shop.  

You know I love my 7’ Surf Systems! Does the gun have the same logo? Are there other “Surf Systems” logos that you used?

Aloha Smokey, 

What you have there is a 1969 Surf Systems.      That lettering font was called Caliope, and we only used it in 1969.         The 9 foot gun has a different letter font, along the deckside stringer, with a clip from the Hawaii State Flag.       I hope to have photo’s this week.

I went by Bird’s shop today, Tuesday, expecting to see the board.        It has not been delivered yet.        Bird says it will be some time this week.          So, as soon as I know, I’ll report it here.

Today, Wednsday, Bird called  to let me know that the board is in his shop.       I’m going to go there tomorrow.         It’s been a long time, since I’ve seen that surfboard.

Bird posted the board up on his Instagram page. Great looking board in what appears to be really good condition considering it’s age. 

He has some really nice things to say about you too Bill. 


Aloha Huck,

Thank you for posting up the photo’s from Bird’s site.      I went by his shop today, Thursday, his day off, so did not see him.        But, I did see the board.         I was impressed.      It has held up well.     I hope that after the board is repaired, that Bird or someone gets that board into some significant sized waves.     

Sweet one. Makes me think of a board my brother had custom shaped by Harold Iggy in the mid 70’s. If Bill’s board was a pin it would look almost the same, but his is a bit longer.

Check out the leash and attachment. This was back in the early days of leashes. We used a long nylon cord inside of surgical rubber. These were deadly and I never used one in bigger days.


Cool story, Bill. Amazing how it came full circle. Mike

Mr Bill - That board is a beauty!

I had a little business making those surgical tubing leashes with a leather ankle strap in 1972 in Huntington Beach. All the shops on Main Street were selling them. 

  John, thank you.      I wish I still owned it.       Not as a rider, but as a sculpture.     I think it’s a beauty too.

That is very nice.  My loss that I didn’t buy an Iggy when I had the chance.

The subject surfboard came to Bird, without a fin.       The board will be finned with a 7 5/8th inch deep fin, with a 6 inch base.         The fin is hollow, with black walnut scales, and is just under one inch thick.      It is very well foiled, by Bill Obayashi @ FU.     He has been foiling fins since at least 1967/68.  The fin will have a hydrodynamic matte finish.        The board will be surfed by Bird, after it is made water tight.      He is not planning to do a cosmetic restoration.       It has been fun, being re-involved with this surfboard.

bitchen lookin board, Bill, shaped with serious intentions

how we love surfboards, the totems of our tribe

run the hand down the rail of a cherished ride and the memory floodgates open

when the time draws near, will keep my early 60’s Wardy parked where I can see it

gonna take my last ride on her, all the way to the other side


  Go out like a Viking !

Gotta take that one last ride…