just to get rid of my bad mood

damn i just ruined my board by drilling the hole for the fcs plugs. a part of the stringer broke to moved threw the foam and screwed the fiberglass and the hot coat. after trying to repair the problem with cutting out a bit bigger holes i forgot to change the drilling head cause the phone rang 3 times and so i made all the holes to big for the plugs. well i tried hard to repair everything as good as possible but you know the virgnity is gone like your new board gets a big ding or so. To see the good side of it: well now i can surf the sh***t out of the board without having a thought of getting dings etc.

Ride it like you hate it

cheers clemens

Howzit surfingdude, Do you have a FCS installation kit or are you winging it. I don’t understand how you could’ve broke the stringer since you drill and remove part of it as a step in installation. As far as bigger holes go you can still put the plugs in the board. I always ream the holes a little any ways since sometimes the holes are a little off and need a tweak. The only thing I can think of is you drilled the holes, the phone rang you answered and while talking you put your elbow on the tail and leaned on it which bent the tail and broke it. I have done installs where the tail was so thin that after drilling and using the forshner bit there was no stringer left basically, but this didn’t cause any problems. Got a picture of the problem,I’d like to see exactly what it looks like. Aloha,Kokua