Kailua, HI in mid-March

Im goin to visit a family member (military) on Oahu from March 8-20th. He lives in Kailua, off mokapu st. I am looking for a little info on breaks in the area. He isn;t a surfer, so he doesn’t know much about what im looking for. Ive heard mixed things about the MCBH, which is nearby. I have an civil service ID card, so this seems like my best bet.?. I plan on doing waikiki with my girlfriend, grabbin a log and having some fun. But I would like to be able to sneek off every morning with a shorty. (which i plan on buying over there). Any good shops for used/cheaper boards (short)? ill only be needing it for 10 days or so. (is renting worth it?)

What is the frequency of favorable swell in march? (for kailua area)

Does MCBH catch north swells well? (ive been looking at maps, looks like a NE or N would work)

Any spots you guys would care to share? (or in private) i’d appreciate any input.

really excited about my trip (first). this is really a dream come true. much karma to all

If you can get on base without a sponser

and the north shore has a swell from the north/northest

Pyramid Rock

you can’t go wrong

shallow sand bottom

big whomping barrels

northshore style waves without the crowds

Kimo’s surf hut in Kailua

im gonna be on the island from march 8-20th. How is march for swell frequency?? Pyramid sounds very welcoming right now. Being land-locked (and school-locked) will do that too you.