Keel Fins Placement

Hi, I´m building my first Surfboard; a Fish (5´6´´; 20 1/2´´; 2 7/8´´).

It has a flat bottom, the butt crack is 8´´ deep.

The Board should be surfed in France, when the waves are a bit mushy and sloppy; chest to headhigh…

I thought about setting the fins parallel to the rails, exactly at the end of the stringer and 1´´ from the rails.

It´s my first board, don´t wanna make a silly mistake, so please give me some advise…

Thanks a lot

I usually go 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" from the rail, depending on the toe and cant, and size of the fin…

8" up should do the trick, mine usually sit a little bit further back than that (around 7.5), at 8", even with the crack, you should be dandy.

glassons or boxed?

I glassed on my first fins ever, both crooked of course, the thing was magic…i ended up breaking one off at a beachie, put it back on straight; the board never worked the same again…

I do glassons, the cant should be 4 degrees. Sorry about my English, what do you mean with dandy? I thought about doing no toe in…

dandy = good!

if youre looking for more down the line speed, go straighter and less toe in. the more you angle them out and the more you toe them in, the looser its going to be and the easier to initiate a turn it will be.

Keels on the Lis-style fishes are straight (or close to it), with no cant, but the fins are double-foiled (at least the ones that I’ve seen).

Fish are inherently loose, so its not a bad idea to straighten out the fins (in my opinion).