Keiki shortboards

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with shaping shortboards(under 6’) for kids and what dimensions you’ve used. I’ve made a ‘clone’ of a JC board that is 5’2"x16"x1 3/4, but would like some hands-on input from those with experience. Much Mahalo

Howzit Mikaale, I've glassed quite a few boards under 5' and as short as 4'7" but haven't shaped any that short. The shapers who did these had to have racks that would accommodate such a short shape. The biggest problem I have with them is the sanding process since the board sits to low in the racks when doing the rails. Am I right that your name is Hawaiian for Michael. Aloha,Kokua

Yeah, Kokua, Mikaale is Hawaiian for Michael. Since you’ve glassed a few of those boards, any ideas on fin placement for a thruster? I’d like to start glassing myself as well. Aloha, Mike

Howzit Mikaale, Let me talk to my shapers since they use different measurements for fin placement. But I won’t have a chance to talk to them until tomorrow because today is materials pick-up day at the docks. Aloha,Kokua

Mahalos for checking around with your guys. The board has a slight single to double concave, but with the smaller dimensions, I don’t trust my placement on the side fins, so I appreciate your help. Aloha, M