Keith,Jim P.,Mom and other S.D. AREA builders.........

…I will be down this weekend Saturday,and Sunday…got some goodies…sold the rest!Herb

Can you do me a big favor? Check in on Mike Eaton, I have heard he is not doing well.He will not return my emails eather. Don’t know what is going on down there. TK

Hey Herb, will see what I can find out & let you know.

Bagman, What’s this about Eaton? Great guy, very fine craftsman and one of my personal heros.

I don’t want to start anything but I heard from a friend of mine that he is fighting with the big C. Mike is a great guy and I’ve been surfing some of his board for the last 10 years. I think the world of Mike and do not think he has gotten all of the credit that he has coming. You know he is the oldest guy to ever finish the Cadalina(sp) paddle board race. He has been real good to me over the years.

A class act all the way. If you talk to him please send my best. And I agree, credit his way has forever been lacking.

Hey Herb, Want to say thanks again for the templates and the chargers. Call me if you want to try to surf when you get down. Mark Scott