Kelly Freakazoid

How does he do it, without getting hurt?!

Confidence. Determination. Large Attachments.

Pretty good.

For a Florida boy.

I kid, I kid

I think that I am going to Quit surfing now thanks!!!

At least we don’t wear white wetsuits.

One the other hand, as I think about it, I would be willing to wear a pink one if I could surf half as good as he does.

Jaheeezus! Trick photography, yeah that’s it special lenses and mirrors and lasers and stuff…

geez, it’s like he takes every hack, every turn, every tube, every floater, every air, to

the absolute most extreme that he can take it… truly impressive… when he’s on, he’s ON!

Howzit janklow, I remember when Ken showed up on the North Shore and He said he was from Texas not Florida. Maybe he just meant Texas was the last place he lived.Aloha,Kokua

Bradshaw learned to surf in Galveston, TX. 100% Texan…

Hi kokua, janklow assumes we’re all as smart as him and can decipher his posts easily. It took me a minute

to figure out that he was giving it to us Florida guys by saying that Kelly was good ‘‘for a Florida boy’’ but if

we wanted to see what a TEXAN could do, check the photo of KB. Bradshaw is from Texas. Does he still have that

house by Kammieland? He showed me his paddleout to Sunset from over there and helped me get a couple of

west peak semi-bombs one morning back in '92. I’m still grateful.


No one before slater - noone after slater…

to paraphrase a japanese expression…

I’ve been watching some youtube clips of Jamie O’Brien.

He seems to represent the next generation of super-freak surfer.

And, he seems like he has a lot of fun with it.

(Check out the “finless” clip)

I like that guy’s surfing a lot

Mike D, what? I’m not sayin’ nothin’, I’m just sayin’!

danes is better than jamie. jamie is more expierimental but dane has more power and blends classic style with the crazy newschool moves.

Like all freaks…inate sense of timing…seeing it and doing it before we motrals even comprehend it.

Good at everthing he does and a nice guy to cap it off.

Howzit Mike, I left Oahu shortly after Ken showed up, been on Kauai since 93 so I have no idea of Kens residence now.Aloha,Kokua