kelly vs taj

go guys !

the final of the quikky pro at d-bah , right now !

…I was very impressed with adriano da souza and bobby martinez , being in the semi-finals and ripping !!

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click on ‘live’

cheers !


yeeeeah Im watching it live too, Kelly dominated the heat I watched last night, forget who the guy was… Go Taj

kelly’s really bustin those fins out!

i thought taj would be givin us the airshow…whoops spoke 2 soon

Man its amazing how much faster kelly flys down the line, he by far blows Taj away, must be the new FCS!

how are the waves?

fair, good, epic?

well done Kelly …congratulations Taj on the final !


Tom Carroll’s comment on Kelly’s ‘performance’ says it all …

"he’s just LOVING it , he’s loving his surfing "

his comment on Taj ,

“just an observation…I’ve never seen Taj as angry [about his own surfing] …”

interesting comment on mental focus and attitude , and their role in finals surfing

…see how STOKED Slater is still , on surfing !! [a lesson there for us all]

Pottz’s comment …

“look out world , number eight [world title] is on the way !”


… darn! i wanted to see Mick Fanning win on a single fin!

ooh well, atleast its not Irons.