Kids Surfboards

Hi all,

I’m planning a trip to Encinitas in a few weeks and I’m think about getting my son a board.  He’s 8 yrs old and is just catching unbroken waves and can go across the whitewater on a soft board (similar to those INT’s)


I’m unsure what type and size of board I should get him?  Should I try and get a custom or do you think I could pick a second hand one up?


i think the Ideal board would be something with some volume  but narrow enough for him to carry.  Can you suggest board spec’s and shapers which would be suitable?  I was thinking of phoning moonlight glassing and seeing what they had to say.

Any advice would be great.

Look on Craigslist out here and pick one up for cheap. He’s gonna grow out of it anyway, so why spend the extra cash on a custom?? I’d grab him something around the 5’ mark, he’s light enough as it is so pretty much anything will float him well. Here is a good example:

If you think your kid's ready for it, check with surfding here. He's up in HB, but I remember him saying he did a lot of grom boards and might have a trade-in or two around.

Hey horns - here's an older thread about kids boards, just for the stoke -