kite board

i know there are some kiters here on sways and im looking for a good dimension for a light wind board for my self. im 210lb and 5’10" i mostely use a 16m kite so most of my kiting is on light wind days out in the bay. im looking to go strapless and i might possibly use it on the ocean side to do some wave kiting. any help will be appreciated


Directional or twin-tip?

My friend is close in weight to you and also rides a 16m. Most of the time he’s on a Slingshot Glide, I think it’s a 150 x 42?

I know he has also used a 6’2" directional with good results. I’ll see if I can get some pics and dimensions for you.

I just finished glassing a plywood copy of his Glide. Tried it out yesterday, but was too powered up for it with 17mph winds on a 15m, but it got up and going quick and easy. Better for lighter winds though. I need to make a 135 now…

well im looking for a directional board. i have done a twin tip and i im looking in trying a little strapless kiting. does that board of yours have any rocker?

No, dead flat.

I’ll ask my friend about his directional and see what he has to say. He took out a 9’2" longboard with a 16M the other day :smiley:

The consensus seems to be quad setups though, since you’re almost always on edge. Hein made a cool looking one not long ago, do a search on his user name and you’ll probably dig up some good info.

wow dead flat i guess rocker doesnt matter that much if your in the bay or some where, where its flater. and also your really driving with that back leg and thats keeping the nose up higher. longboards would be so much fun i have a long board and a windsurfing board i would like to try with my kite. i also have a 7’ fun board that i just got done raping in carbon i wonder if that would be fun to ride with a kite. its 7’x20"x2.5". ya let me know what your buddy thinks right now its a little cold here in maryland but i just got a 6/4 rip curl wetsuit so ill deffently be hitting the water soon with my kite just waiting for a hood and booties.