Klaus Jones: Anyone heard of this shaper?

I believe he’s in the Venture area? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially about retro fish. Thanks!

Klaus Jones Surfboards, Short boards, long boards, Klaus Jones (805) 985-9432

Sorry I missed this thead, Klaus and I grew up together. He is a great shaper,his retro fish are state of the art ,hand made by Klaus and I mean shaped,glassed,hand made birch ply fins by him .He is also one hell of a Hull shaper , just made me a 7’1’’ stringerless that flys . Mr Paler him self was seen ripping some backside rail turns at Sandoller sat. on that board.

I have known him around Oxnard for many years and today realized he shaped ( very low key guy) Any way I was showing him my new Lis and he showed me his fish and I gotta say his boards are really ,really great shapes!! The glass job was excellent. He was digging my Lis also. Any one looking for a excellent fish – Klaus Jones is a excellent choice.

Yeah liguid,I was over there the other day and saw 2 more of his fish ready to go super nice!! Klaus boards are at the Ventura surfshop ,but they dont hang around to long.