kneeboard fin set up

I have a 6’0" kneeboard shaped from a Rawson blank that’s currently set up as a twin fin. The fins are set too far back and the board rides poorly. I’m having a good surf shop install fcs plugs and I’m looking for input for a quad set up, where to set the fins, toe in and cant.

The board is 23.5" wide with one channel running through the fin area and a pronounced bump running down the tail area of stringer-channel-tripple concave? It has one bump wing going into a rounded pintail.

I live in Florida and will surf this board mainly in shorebreak (Wabasso) conditions,

Thanks for any input.

The kneelos have a pretty good site. I know the guy who runs it, he runs quads.

This is where I’m going;

Set the front FCS plugs with the trailing edge 17" up and 1 1/2" in from the


Tow in 1/4" for a 4 1/2" base fin. Tilt them out 4 degrees.

Set the rear set so that the trailing edge of the back fins will be 10 1/2"

up from the tail and 3" in from the rail.

Tow in 1/4" for a 3 1/2" base fin. tilt them out 2 degrees from level.


A GX center fin makes a good back fin.