kokua heads up

tonite grasshoppeer ,a swaylocks guy, showed up w/ his wife on their honey moon,took em surfin and let em use the tandem board,high tide kauai sands…sunset colors… ambrose… here for a week Ill send em your way to touch base…some body tell grasshopper’s mother-in -law her daughter is O.K. she wasn’t injured , the waves were under high surf advisory levels

Hello Ambrose, (I think you’re the right Ambrose; so here goes) wondering if you received Topper’s boards because I shipped 3 boxes of boards along with his and we don’t have any tracking of our stuff. Thanks…

Brother Brose, I hope you gave them my Ph# so they can get in touch with me, my shop is always open to our fellow swaylockians. Aloha, Kokua

plus one… gottem and sold one yesterday…“yabba dabba doooooo”… .F. Flinstone…100,000 bc …the guy was takin it to N.Z. ( i think )… kokua…I was busy giving em the mangos and aloe vera …when they come today I’ll giv’em the number, they are stay’in in anahola and have been surfin pakala …ambrose…plus, topper told me you were on but I didnt write down your I.D…aloha nui