Kokua - on Posca pens and iron

Kokua - thanks for the advice back on the Tudor thread but, I just want to take it a step further because if things screw up again this nice 8-8 might become two 4-4’s… The Posca pin on the hot coat - though I didn’t do the hair dryer followthrough - dried for over 24 hrs. before the gloss and no acetone was near the board or brush for well over an hour before. Monumental bleeding down the rail and some at the nose back into a nice yellow deck. Will the hair dryer really set it enough or could I lightly spray some clear acrylic over it too (or not) before glossing? After yesterday I’m feeling gun shy about it since I’m used to doing things on the foam. Also, saw a mention from you re: Zig Pens. They’re good for pins on hot coats? Any precuations/drawbacks to them? Thanks - Pete

That should read - Kokua - on Posca pens and HAIR DRYER

…get a heatgun and use the low setting.If the paint is not completely dry it will bleed,smear,or vanish all together.If you putting it on foam you can spray clear acrylics on/over it.I wouldn’t try this on the hotcoat if you plan on glossing,but if you are just leaving it a hotcoat,then ,yes you can coat it with clear acrylic sprays.Herb

…p.s. a fan blowing over the effected area will work too!Herb

Herb - Thanks. Yes I’m aware of the acrylic - my son makes his side money doing graphics on his buds short boards and I do the acrylic spray for him and also lightly spraying over paint on foam…you answered my question as to spraying under the gloss, I won’t try it. Am just frustrated and nervous about another screw up after letting the first pin dry for 24+ hrs. Thank you - Pete

Howzit Pete,Posca pens are acrylic paint and zig pens are pigment ink. Poscas have a tendency to bleed a little but I’ve never had one bleed as bad as yours and I wait only an hour or so before glossing. Maybe you applied it to thick (to many coats) and it wasn’t completely dry between coats. Zigs are more permanent and have never bled on me, but since I can’t get them these days I’m using Poscas. Good Luck, Aloha, Kokua

I’ve never had any luck with Posca or Zig. both bleed on me when I gloss over them, no matter how long they set. I’ve never had a problem with Painters brand water based acrylic pens, Walmart & Michaels. now I’m using acrylic paint and a fine brush, no worries.