Kokua's Gloss

I just glossed using Kokuas gloss formula and it came out awsome. With all the problems I have had with this board the gloss is by far the best thing about it.

  1. Screwed up the bottom lam and had to do over.

  2. Air bubbles in deck lam. @#&%$$!!! I never seem to see those until the resin hardens.

  3. Routered the fin box too deep.

  4. My Harbor Freight $25 sander died without as much as a whimper half-way into hotcoat sanding. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  5. While taping over the finboxes preing for gloss I notice one of the side boxes is about 3/8" off from the other. Where will it end!!

But the GLOSS!! No brush marks, seperation, orange peel, chunks, etc… Only a couple of unfortunate bugs.

Things may be looking up seeing that I started on this board right after Thanksgiving last year.

Thanks Kokua!!

Richard or Kokua, can you post the thread for the instructions on this gloss.


just add it to the Resources section…EVERYONE wants Kokua’s gloss mix…it’s pretty magical stuff.

Howzit soulstice, Did a gloss job 3 days ago and didn’t even have to touch the deck with any sand paper, straight to the Shurlustre. But I always sand the bottom to make sure it’s nice and even.Aloha,Kokua

thefishexp, the formula is 10% styrene and 3% surfacing agent added to your gloss resin. I glossed a 9’0" with just under 16 oz. per side. I shot it with 20cc catalyst and it kicked in about 15-20 min. Or at least that’s when I pulled the tape. It has been raining here in Ventura County so I warmed up the resin before hand. I think the gloss formula is in the archives several times.

Everything I know about glossing I learned from Kokua.

My last board I cold have gone straight to buffing the deck, but I got nostalgic and sanded it a little for old times sake.

Thank you Kokua


does anyone mind posting a link to where it is located? sorry, i’m really damn lazy

yes…find it yourself…if it takes you more than a minute, i’ll point it out for you.

well, it’s been more than a minute…i’m really hoping that you found it by now…if not, i pity you…and you should look up 3 posts.

Where can I buy styrene monomer ? (Ventura COunty, CA)

Try Fiberglass Hawaii in Santa Barbara. They’re on Montecito Street, two doors down from Rudy’s. 963-1140