Krylon to Reichold gloss?

I have a board I want to gloss but it has some paint on the sanded hotcoat. My question is this.  After I throw down a clear coat and scuff it lightly (and by clear coat Im reffering to the cheap Krylon spray found at the local hardware stores) is it safe to throw some reichold gloss on it? Im worried about a fish eye effect happening.

I think you should worry.   more than fisheye, you may well curdle the underlying paint/clear.

We tried this once too (on a test panel) and found out that gloss will mess up solvent-based spray paints.

I had pretty good luck by spraying a coat of acrylic (not oil based) over the paint. Let dry 24 hours and scuff with red scotchbright.

When I glossed it the resin did some weird dimpling but layed out OK after it cured.

If it goes bad you can always sand it all off.

To be real safe just wipe a coat of floor sealer and ride the board.

Actually you may be able to gloss over the acylic floor sealer if you allow it to dry and scuff with scotchbrite. I have never done this but i have a feeling it would work.

Yeah I have the Behr floor sealer so I guess I will stick with that. Thank you guys for all the help. Just saved me a headache.

Sways-----  Saving Headaches.  Not to mention time and money.

Most definitely McDing. But actually Ive had some problems with the floor sealer actually so thats why I was looking to see alternatives.  When I put the gloss on after the floor sealer it gave me the fish eye. From what I remember the gloss was strained and the sealer was on evenly. Strange happening I suppose I don’t know.

I am here to learn. I have been under the impression that floor sealer and solvent-based colors/clears are only top coats or gloss replacements, not inner coats between lams or resin. Can it be done? Technique?


I suggested the floor sealer but as I said have never used it. I have had sucess with spraying on a coat of clear acrylic over paint work. Still it’s all rather sketchy.  As different brands of acrylic may have different properties. I don’t recall the name of the acylic sealer i used but I think it came from Home Depot.

    I have also glossed over flat latex paint and shellac with color added.

Board in pictures was taped off on the hotcoat. I sprayed a coat of Zissner white shellac primer tinted gray (done at Home depot). The gloss layed down nicely and it polished out fine.

Nice Mr Clean!

To add to the ix. Ive cover art work with a light coat of UPOL 2 pak spray in a can, then did the gloss coat.   UPOL wont disolve paint, drys rock hard so you can scuff it up real good…then gloss.   Or if you have the right paint gun you can just spray the entir board / artwork with UPOL or auto 2 pak and be done.


Lots of ways to skin a cat…but definately don’t put gloss directly over oil based paint. it will bleed smear, and make wi

erd fish eyes and zit thingys.