Lam marks

Hi, first time up kia-ora all

School surfboard design and construction and we are 50 boards in but still getting the odd squeege colour drag mark around a lap to a clear bottom (we have use both acyrlic lacquer and acrylic colour) , the odd finger print stands out like a sore thumb. We have tried careful scraping and picking with a blade, over spraying between lam and hot, hot and additional sealer or gloss, spraying after finish sand and lacquer spraying with mixed results. Any suggestions would be welcomed…yes gloves for handling does help preventing probs as does wiping our squegs and using a number of squeeges but hell bells its always goin and somebodies calling!

Ps. Touch up Guns( between spray and air brush) which brand and model do you recommend for use with acrylic colour.

Ka Kite ano Sam

Sounds like you might be spaying paint on too thick. It has more of a tendency to run when it’s sitting on top of the foam with maybe a little paint dust on the surface. Also Red runs more than most other colors. And the longer the resin takes to gel, the more likely the paint will have some drift in it.

Regarding fingerprints (or handprints):handle the board with masking paper between your hands and the foam. Just tear off a few pieces and use them kind of like gloves. And wash your hands often. There’s a lot of dirt and greasy junk out there.

Touch up gun: Sharpe brand is pretty good. Also the standards: DeVilbiss and Binks. Doug

Thanks Doug for your time and advice. Yes dust could be it. Think that the failure to blow clean with compressed air after spray is the problem as sometimes their is a bit of a time lag for dust build up from other operations.

all the best ka kite Sam T