i have been running rice paper through my home comp. to make up simple text logos. it is very easy and fast. the only thing i don’t like is how porous it looks. the colors and detail aren’t too clear. i was wondering what pro shops use for high quality laminates?? is there a better material?

All rice papers are not created equal. Some are more porous, some are absorbent, some are fluffy, some are rather flat. For computer printing I like a flatter version. Most art supply stores carry a variety.

i was shorthanded one day on rice paper so i tried a regular sheet of computer paper and it worked. since then i always use computer paper. i figured if the fibers are resin absorbant then it would work. rice paper jams in my printer.

A lot of the Pro Laminates are silkscreened and not done on a computer. R. B.

I have used a cheap HP printer and rice paper. Just cut the rice paper a little smaller than a sheet of normal white paper. Lay a book on the rice paper to flatten it. Tape the rice paper around all sides of the rice paper (not over the edge of the copy paper.) Just be sure the rice paper is very flat with no ability to crease. If there are any smears, go to the printer settings and reduce the ink. I have done color too. Works great. I am just limited to legal size paper. Gary

To avoid rice paper jams and blobs of ink, I’ve had great luck doing the following: 1.Print my logo on regular paper so I’ll know where it’s going to print on the sheet. 2. Cut a piece of rice paper slightly larger than the logo and tape it flat around the edges over the already printed logo. 3. Put the paper back in your printer in the same orientation 4. The logo should print right over the rice paper. You can cut out the rice paper and you’re on your way!

Hobby stores carry silkspan for covering model airplane wings. It turns transparent when laminated. You can do a web search for silkspan at online hobby stores. Get the lightweight silkspan if possible. If not, use medium weight silkspan.

i have never heard of this,sounds like something to try…anyone else use or try this?

I used to use it on model airplanes, and it has a texture much like rice paper. It’s porous to soak up dope (the model kind!!) so it makes sense to me that it would work for laminate/logo stuff.

Howzit Teddy, what does the lam look like on your screen before you print it? Remember your prnter prints what’s on the screen. If the lam looks fuzzy or out of focus then that’s what you’ll get. It could be how you are acquiring the image,Low resolution scanners can be the cause. I always file my images as an uncompressed tiff. file which works really well,jpg files will deteriate a little everytime you use them. Also you can clean up art work in a photo editing program which is what I do before printing. I’ve used several different rice papers and the one I use now seems to work the best for a couple of reasons. It totally disappears when it’s glassed on the board and second, after it’s cut and flattened I am able to stack it in my printer (Epson C80) and run it thru just like regular paper,no taping to another piece. I sometimes run off as many as 100 lams at a time and the only thing I have to do is run the head cleaning utility after 25 or 30 sheets. Aloha, Kokua

I’ve used model airplane silkspan with great results. Clear as a bell. Initially I had some problems with ink running during the lam process. More than two swipes with a squeegee and the ink was bleeding. Now I carefully lam the logo with sun-cure resin and kick it before laminating the board, then glass as usual.

The best way I found is to buy a silkscreen and jiffy clamps, silky paper (it ain’t out of rice) and Nada 6100 series paint… Get other stuff like spray mount, anyhow…just stick to one logo, one color, and go to town. The ink air dries, doesn’t smear, bleed,… Ask any pro and they’ll tell you that ink jet ink is not up to par and won’t last and it will fade, it will, even old Nadar used to fade (and industrial sign paint) THAT IS IT FOLKS

i only have been doing text logos, so it should be pretty clear. the paper is is from Foam-Ez. it seems when i print it out that some of the ink goes through the rice paper and leaves ink underneath on the comp. paper, which i tape the rice paper on…maybe i’ll try some diff, ideas…thanks a lot guys!

Where can you find Nadar 6100 ink? I printed my logo through my printer and also found it to be very faint. I was able to get my logo on a silkscreen frame, tried using an artist acrylic silkscreen ink, and it came out much better. I haven’t actually used it yet. Will it work? Thanks

Howzit Dave, My Epson C80 uses durabrite ink which doesn’t fade like most ink jet printer ink, it’s both waterproof and UV resistant. Most black ink jet ink is pigment ink which doesn’t tend to fade but the color ink are a dye ink which I’ve seen fade in a matter of weeks. Durabrite is an archival ink. Aloha, Kokua

Teddy, I have used the foam-ez paper in the printer with much success just make sure that you print on the shiny side, we screen print our logo’s in house now and they are 100% brighter and stand out really well. Picked up the screen printing kit at the art store used the supplied inks they worked fine.