Laminating on Qcell

I am fixing an extensively delaminated longboard for my best friend and while I have fixed a few delams, this one is by far the biggest. The foam underneath the glass that I tore off is unleved and chunked out. Almost pitted. Is there any way that I could use Qcell to fill the pits and make a level surfing in which I could laminate. The trouble I see myself running into is once I laminate the cloth to that Qcell, it would just rip all off. What do you guys think? Its evening right now but I can post a picture of it tomorrow if need be.

Good answer petec, thank you much for the information and the link.Im going to get my hands on some of this and give it a whirl. 

No it won’t ‘rip all off’. scuff it up with 80 grit and lam…at least thats what I would do. good luck

Ok, thank you much. I will give that a whirl. It is going to take forever to dry out but once it does I should be able to get it going again.

I assume this is on the deck, and a hard resin filler will just pound down into the softer foam underneath creating another delam if the area is big.  A better choice would be 2 lb pour foam, shaped down, sealed, and new glass over.  The test I use to see if it’s worth even repairing is to hit the old foam with the air gun.  If it looks like an explosion in a pillow factory or if the foam starts separating in layers, it’s usually gone. In any repair, it’s alway best to try and replicate what was originally there where possible.

Hey Pete.

I actually have a similar issue I am getting ready to deal with, with a restore I just started. What’s this pour foam?

Is this something I can get at say home depot? or something more shaper related and will be at Foamez or another supply store.



the pour foam that i use i get from US Composites

dont know if pete usess the same stuff though

The board, in my opinion is beyond worth fixing but it is my best friends and it was his first board. The delamination is extensive and water damage is pretty bad as well. I told him that I would do the best I can but I cant make any promises. 

sdrepairman- that is a great idea, affordable too. Seem that that product would make a very good filler to laminate over. Thankyou for the advice. 

Here’s where I get it .  It does get a skin on it, but after you shape it down there’s lot of air holes.  If they’re big, fill with more pour foam; otherwise use a resin filler.  I use this stuff for installing finboxes in eps, but it will outgass with epoxy quite a bit.  To minimize this, I put a piece of 4 oz cloth over the epoxy filler on top of the pour foam.  The cloth is also saturated with the filler although I mix it fairly stiff (cabosil + Q-cell + whatever color).  The cloth keeps the air from blowing out, but you have to pre-fill any really big holes in the pour foam first.   If you’ve never used it before, always mix a tiny amount since it expands so much.  It drys hard in about 30 mins, so you can always go over it again if needed.  It also will bond to just about anything, so it’s good for installing fin boxes in eps without the fear of melting foam.  You’ll have to clamp them down though or the foaming action will float it away.