Lams: Screen them vs. Print them via PC?

Hello, I’ve been shaping for a couple of years and have struggled with which way to go with laminates? I’d like to have someone screen print these for me but when I head into a screen print shop they all look at me like I’m on something when I enquire about screening on rice paper! Especially since I’m up here in the NW. I’ve been running all my logos through my current inkjet. I just hired a graphic designer to add some life to my logos and need some help. Is there a good quality printer to run logos through that won’t fade 6 months down the road? Does anyone know of a screen printer (Good Rep) that does logos on rice paper? Thanks for all your help, Robert

i’ve been printing lams on paper supplied by “the surf source” which, i believe, is located in jacksonville, fla. i use an hp printer and have had no problem with fading. you might check swaylock’s archives for making your own screen in case you want a more opaque laminate. i like the printer method because i can play with the colors and fonts on my lams. only problem is when glassing on an airbrushed blank, they don’t show up as well unless it’s a solid color.

Howzit Robert, I’ve been printing Lams on rice paper with my P.C. for over 2 years now, and have about 15 accounts that order on a regular basis. I was using an Epson C-80 printer but it died and now use the C-82 model. This printer uses Durabrite ink which won’t fade for at least 40 years so the lam will definetly last longer than the board. I recently did a board that has 20 yellow stars on a blue painted board. Colored lams on painted boards will blend the colors when you lay-up the board so yellow on blue will end up green. What I did to get aroud this was to print the stars on rice paper. Then I taped them to the wall and sprayed the back with a couple of thin layers of white acrylic paint. To keep the paper from trying to fall apart I thin the paint with acrylic paint thinner instaed of water since the water could make the paper deteriate and become unusable. Also you have to cut out the lam right to the edge otherwise the white will show up around your logo. If you just use black ink for the lam you don’t need to paint the back and if the board is clear your colored lams with work with no problem. The stars board now has 20 bright yellow stars on the deck and the owner is one happy camperette. Aloha, Kokua

I still prefer sceened lams…

Hey Kokua, I just bought a C-82 a couple of days ago with durabright and had to return it. When I taped the ricepaper to a regular sheet the C-82 totaly gobbled it up! What’s your secret? I tried everything to get the paper to go through. I was bummed because I bought it for the ink.

With printers it’s all about the paper. The newer inks all hold up pretty well. After 10 years of printing my own I’ve found that there are many papers and few work. I buy mine from Morning Star in Vero Beach Fl. 772-567-6498. They cut it and everything.

Howzit Robert, First of all I don’t tape the rice paper to another sheet of paper. I’ve used 2 different types of rice paper and just ran them through the printer like regular paper. The first rice paper I used was a little thinner than normal paper and worked pretty good except I had to load each sheet to print. The type I’m using now is a little thicker but it disappears,even on dark painted boards, plus I can load the printer with 20 sheets and just let it print away. My C-80 printer died from to much ink leaking into the mechinism. But I’d run off over 2000 lams before it died. I think that by unchecking the high speed print box the new printer will last longer, plus I got an extened warranty so I’m covered for 2 years. Aloha, Kokua

Hey Kokua, What weight of paper do you use? My supplier sells only the ultra light ricepaper. Where do you get yours from? Robert

Thanks a ton Greg!! I’ll give them a call this next week!! Robert

hi kokoa, just wondering if you know lance ebert? he did some glassing for me here on the gold coast years ago when he was visiting… did really nice work, he was a absolute craftsman.(quite good surfer too) i visited him in kawaii a few years ago… he was working at mike wellmans… do you know where he is nowdays?

Hey Robert: Printing can be a finiky thing, different printers react differently. I havn’t had any luck just running through rice paper as people suggested. And my printer will gobble them up if I tape all sides, but if I just tape the leading edge, being careful to not create wrinkles, and run it through loose, viola - no problems. And although they arn’t as solid as screen printing, I can change my logo as often as I want. Plus I’m much better on Illustrator than I am screenprinting…

Howdy Kokua: I havn’t tried opaque-ing the bottom yet, usually just mask off. But you do bring up an interesting idea. Although if you want to print in yellow, or any of the primary colors, it won’t work - but if one wanted to print green on top of a blue board, you’re technique would be pretty smooth. Time for me to print out a color wheel and stick it in the ole’ design notebook. Thanks,

The best way i have found it to take 8 1/2 x 11 sheet or card stock. then run the glue stick around the border or the paper then apply the rice paper to it FLat and Smooth. have had no problems printin this way… also have a Epson Good luck

Howzit Dave, Lance is still glassing for Wellman over on the westside. Aloha, Kokua

Howzit Robert, I buy my rice paper from Kauai Office Supplies, Which really doesn’t help you. I don’t even know who makes it sie all the writing is in Japanese.Aloha, Kokua