Laps and strength to weight ratio

How far should the the laps overlap to get maximum strength to weight ratio?



Don’t think anyone ever bother to check.

For a lap to stick, it should overlap at least 3/4" .

For a big, retro looking lap, it should be around 1.5".

Not much diff.

Hi Lee,

are these figures messured from the ‘edge’ of the rail or the actual overlap that the laps make on each other? I’m thinking that all layers of glass should wrap the rails to prevent dings. I’m I wrong?




I think the lap either has to be 3/4" around the peak, or should be at least that much before the peak, in a patch for dent resistance.

Going much over 3/4" does very little, as it starts to get harder to lay down flat, saturation becomes more difficult, sanding flush needs more actual sanding of the material, and very little gain.

At the peak, it’s best NOT to have anything other than two, full covering layers of glass.

Good point, But I think a laps should wrap as far as the hand grabs during a duck dive. Ducking diving on a big day people tend to give the board a death grip, and lot’s of time crush the rails real easy. To Lee’s point, usually about 1.5 inches on a rail tool is about right. I don’t know what that equates out to from the rail apex, because all rails are not creates equal. Anyhow the lap needs to run out into the flats so you can grind the hell out of it before hot coating it. Stoping the laps on the rail will only create a perfect opportunity for wavy, bubbly sand through rails.