Laser Printer instead of Ink-Jet

I know there is a thread on printing through a laser printer with rice paper, but I couldn’t seem to reply to the post.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know that it worked fine. I read somewhere that the rice paper would probably melt given that the laser uses heat to adhere the toner to the paper, but it didn’t for me. Although the thing I noticed (may just be my printer), is that the it didn’t print the black very black. Kind of a dark gray. My printer is just a black and white. Didn’t try a color laser, but I am sure that would work. I just taped the rice paper onto a piece of printer paper and printed. I initially taped both the top and bottom to the paper, but found that it created wrinkles and creases. So I ended up just taping the side that pulls into the printer first. That way the other side is free to move around while going through it.

Laminating the logo under the glass didn’t make the toner run either.

Howzit BoardSide, Sounds like your printer used both colors. Most printers have an advanced option where you can make it print only black, if your’s has this option then try it. Not only will you get a true black but it also saves ink. Aloha,Kokua

Thanks Kokua.

Yah, my printer only has black toner. It doesn’t use any other colors. The only thing is that the printer is really really old and doesn’t have any features like printing darker or anything. I couldn’t find any discussions about being successful with printing with a laser printer instead of an ink-jet, so I just wanted to say that it seems to work.

Well it works…

but I think the relevant issues are ink quality with most of us and the use of ‘archival inks’. Alot of current ink jets

allow the use of a better ink(pigment based archival inks) which dont fade or washout from sun exposure.

Chances are your ‘black’ will fade out to an off color purple rather rapidly.

Good Luck