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Finished up another board last week.

Call it a big guy tri… rather than a funboard.

It is 7’6" x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8" Nose: 14" Tail: 15"

I have a question for those in the know.

I went with some pinlines on the top and while they came out pretty good, there are some ‘stains’ of color around them. It looks a little like it was done on purpose… one of my friends said that he liked the way I did ‘fades’ around the pinlines. I kept mum… :slight_smile:

What I did was to tape off and then lay down acrylic. (Pebeo artists …works well… no eppoxy issues with it) Pulled the tape and then let the paint dry overnight. The next day I lightly sanded the lines with 220 grit paper, to get it smooth and ensure a good bond with epoxy. Is this the right way to do it? When I had done the sanding and blew off the dust, some of it had stained the sanded hotcoat beside it. I even carefully went over the spaces between the lines with an alcohol damp rag and some of the color still stayed. The red line has the most ‘fade’.

Anyway to avoid this?

…phew… took a few tries, but I finally worked out how to link to my photos on Flickr.


nice fun board you got there Jo !!


Thanks chip! :wink:

…did you go with glasson fins , or are you putting in a fin system ?

cheers !


I went with Future fins system.

I am going through an internal debate though… I have 2 Fish blanks ready to shape (started 1 on friday) and had the idea to try a quad setup on one, and maybe keels on the other… though for keels I would have to make my own and glass them on. Future has keels, but price wise making them suits better.

Unless I went with a twin setup on one and then fit keels into it later. Would the measurements work for twin and keel? I’ll have to check the archives and see how compatible…

For the quads, I think I will use the Future twin fins in front, and 2 of the trailer fins for the rear for now. (trailers are 3 1/4" tall, 3 1/4" base double foil no cant) And then make myself a quad canard set out of plywood/glass when I can.

My idea is to go with the fronts at 1/8" to 1/4" toe-in, 6* cant and the rears parrallel to stringer no cant. What do you think?

later chip.

"What do you think? "

… wow , someone wants to know what I think ??? !!! [that could be dangerous !]

Well , here goes …

I think it would be great to make two really similar boards , and set one up as a quad / twin fin option ,


the other as a twin keel setup.

OR …

you could always just make ONE fish with all those options [fin systems] ,


a stubbie single fin / bonzer3 option square/ rounded square , from the other blank ,

so that you could compare different tails and fin setups on maybe the same length , width , thickness , and rockered boards .

There ya go …

are you up for “the fish and chipstubbie experiment” , mate ?!


[…THAT will probably be the LAST time that anyone asks me what I think , eh ?? ]

Well, those would be excellent ways to see how different characteristics on boards work… or change the way the board works. It would be very instructive.

I think for the moment, I will try one of them as a quad. My friend has the same shape as a twin. And the more retro shape, I will see what feels right… …keels or quad?? …

It certainly won’t be the last time I ask what you think, but I will be prepared to have more choices given to me than I thought possible the next time.


Another beautiful board Johan! How long have you been making them? And where do you surf in Montreal???

I’ve done pinlines with rattle can acrylic over a sand coat and that was that. No problem. My woodie is the first board I’ve ever bothered to do a gloss coat on.


It will be a year now, since I made my fist board. A dow foam XPS/epoxy job. It actually has some huge delams on it now, and that was being in my apartment for the winter!?? I am pretty happy with how my skills are coming along though, and my friends are getting impressed as well.

In Montreal we have the standing river wave, which is fun, but ti doesn’t quite compare to the ocean and I am not sure I would want to imerse myself in it on too regular a basis. The St. Lawrence does take it’s water from the great lakes, and therefore… Toronto, Windsor and Detroit.

Other than that, I go fairly regularly with friends for weekend trips to the east coast, most often Hampton New Hampshire, but also into Maine to chase down swell sometimes.

And when I can afford it I’ll hit the raod or the skies to get to the sea. Went to Nova Scotia last fall(east coast Canada) and this fall will either go back there again, or maybe wait till later and go to Mexico or something. Always depends on the money. :frowning:

And of course. I think regularly of how I could go and live somewhere where I could walk to the waves.

Rattle can pinline? cool, and you just leave them like that? No gloss over them? How do they stand up to wear?

I am working out how to get a good gloss on the epoxy right now. Have gotten a good ‘shine’ so far, but no heavy gloss. Got some tips on another thread for that. Not that I have anything against sanded finishes… they look good too. I just find for color work especially that a good high gloss gives it that ‘depth’ and life.

What did you do to get the gloss on your woodie? Pics? …

This product seems to come out with a lot of gloss if properly applied.

AeroMarine 300/21 1 1/2 Quart Kit- Total yield of 1 1/2 quart mix epoxy with hardener. Consists of 1 quart of #300 resin and 1 pint of #21 Non Blushing Cycloaliphatic Hardener