Latest Hull Project

Here’s the latest project. My brother in law wanted me to make him a hull-like board over Christmas. Rather than buying a new blank, he wanted to strip an old Mobley that’s been browning on the side of the house. The board was a 9’, rolled bottom, pintail that was about 4" thick. First he routed out 4" strips on the deck and bottom and stripped all the glass off. Next we drew out the template and cut out the planshape. Then I measured out the tail rocker and went to town with the planer. That was a helluva lot of foam to remove in the tail section but it worked out ok. I would have thinned out the tail a little more but he wanted more thickness in it. It kinda reminds me of my old DHD. Anyway, after working the rocker and thickness out, I thinned and softened up the rails. Unfortunately, there was some pretty serious nose damage on the old board that went fairly deep into the foam so there are few gouges on the deck. You can also see some brown foam around the nose where we didn’t dare thin it out. I wanted to do an opaque resin but he had his mind set on a coke bottle green tint. This wasn’t a restoration job, it was more of an experimental project that was really fun.

Specs: 6-4-6 glass with UV resin and a touch of green tint on an OLD Walker blank.

DIMS: 7’1" x 17" x 21.75" x 15" x 3"

BTW, he routed out the old Mobley lam, sanded it down and we re-lammed it on the newly shaped board. In honor of Mobley of course.

I’ll sand and polish it this weekend. Then take some mo’ betta shots when it’s finished.

hey that looks pretty nice, marc. did you shape out the s-deck? and the rails, how’d they come out?

real nice.

Thanks Jason,

The rails came out real nice, a bit more forgiving than the typical pinched rails on a Liddle. Sorry no S deck. It does have a pretty flat deck line but not the traditional S.

Here’s a side view. I’ll post better pics when it’s finished.

I dunno, it looks like you got a nice “S” going in the nose. The tail looks pretty thick…any reason? Looks pretty smooth from here! Nice job.

I wonder if you’ll get more flex without the domed s-deck?

anyway - it looks like it’ll be heaps of fun. i supposed you’ll put a liddle type flex fin in there.



Wow. Terrific work there SrPato! Really cool stuff. I woulda gone with an opaque tint, too, but the green looks pretty cool.

Thanks Lee=

I wanted to thin out the tail as well but my brother in law wanted to keep it thick. (Not sure why?) I figure, if anything, it should be easy to catch catch waves with. He’s not a hull rider, but once he saw Liddle’s boards in Wavefront Surfshop, he had to try one. We see how it rides next week.