little brother

A couple of new boards made in the last year. The longer board is (approx) 8’ x 22 1/4" x 3", the shorter board is 7’ x 21" x 2 3/4". They have the same shape and rocker which I copied from a 9’4". I made the bigger one for my brother, but he said it was too small. I think the 7’ is one of the boards I laminated with epoxy but used UV poly for the hot/sand coat. I’ll have to see how well it holds up over time.

The 7’ hasn’t been in the ocean yet, hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a chance. I rode the 8’ about a handful of times, and I like it. I’ll probably get away from the full nose on future boards. I also have a 6’4" slippah copy almost done, that one will be a quad and should be a fun board to ride. Maybe big brother will like that one.

so so bitchin!

good job laddie


Nice work. Koa blocks? Is the Slippah paulownia?

The boards are a combination of Balsa with Wiliwili blocks. The 7’ board has a thin veneer of ?? on the bottom. The slippah is wiliwili on the top and balsa on the bottom. The wiliwili has a wild pattern when it’s glassed or coated over with a sealer.

After reading Pohaku’s intro the story of the Queen’s tree came to mind. Is that wili wili from the Queen’s tree?

Before my brother responds truthfully as one born in the year of the dog

I’d just want to say it is a bad combo bringing those two subjects up.

It’s a long story and I’m advising him to just respond like me and say yes, it’s all from what little we could save from that wonder.

He just witnessed another beautiful monkey pod tree of the same size get cut up into 1 foot cubes and shredded for the land fill too. Such a waste of such precious resources while we purchase and hack away at another commercially produced petro chemical by product.

we tried

we learned

and we’re making due with what we have left.

Meanwhile, today I made the best use I could of even the littliest remaining pieces.

A special request for some swag gifts for an up work coming event

Koa, MIlo and just a little of what’s left of the queen’s tree

The wiliwili is a beautiful wood maybe there’s a hidden story in every piece

should’ve been surfing today instead of making these all day

Actually the wiliwili we’re using right now is from Kamehameha Schools. They had several beautiful trees, that they cut down last year. The grounds keeper cut some of it into 2’ - 3’ sections and saved them for me. That’s why the pieces are so short. What we were able to save from the Iolani Palace tree is still sitting in my back yard. Those should make pieces long enough for a single strip. Probably be able to make a couple of solid boards if we wanted to.

great stuff !

i love your work !

let us know how the 6’4 goes eh ?

and …

any shots of the fins on that one , please ?

cheers guys !


…my brother is at present in indo [the avitar is one of his many empty wave shots from this trip …it’s early days yet …he comes to perth at the end of may [his first time here]