little guy thruster

Hello, I’m 5’6" and 125 pounds, been surfing and shaping a little while, but seem to have trouble finding/shaping a board that really works for me as an all arounder either factory or my own. I surf mainly in the Norcal area North of SC south of Pacifica area, if you guys/gals were me what kind of board would you ride? I like surf between 4-8 foot with power not necessarily dredging barrels but fast, sectiony beachbreak. I’m curious to see different opinions. I think the guys I surf with don’t realize how small 125 lbs. is, as they are all football player types. I need someting that gets into waves and paddles well, but I can still duckdive, I also need holding power on the drop. Opinions, advise, help, dimensions, rails, rocker, any and all advise would help. I’m goin’ back to square one and now need professional help. Thanx- PPsurf

I’d say a 5’9" x 11.0’x 18.25"x 13.125"x 2.5" squash tial or something close to that ought be about right. Good luck, Rich

2.5 thick seems a bit much… id say 2 1/8 for his weight…