Little stubbie sitebites?

Where can I find little sidebites like there ones used in the attached photo?


[img_assist|nid=1068659|title=Mandala Stubby sitebites|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=478]

I would just make them. Otherwise any fin company like Rainbow will make them for you just give them a template or some numbers. Those look similar to twinzer fins and are most likely 1.5" to 2" wide x 1.5" tall or something close to that.


hi CW !


what Billy said


  also ...plan B ....



' IF' you have any old single fins lying around , you can always reshape them [with a jigsaw with a carborundum blade] ,

and refoil them [often , a sanding block and 40-60 grit to start , then down through the grits to smooth it out]


I did the same with a big ol' black windsurfer fin , recently a 6" back fin [boxed] and two small sidebites out of it ...'beerfan'  has it , now ...



 Here's the two black 'one-tabber' sidebites , in the Walden 'CD4' board ....



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Thanks. I don’t have any spare materials–should I get some G10?

hey guys jesse here from on the gold coast australia, my stubbie sidebite fins are available in both glass on and FCS format through or the shapers fins website, they are a new fin though so i dont know if they are available on the site yet but talk to Jake and he can sort you out. they guys freight worldwide. its my standard stubbie sidebite template that i use with hulls, flexfins etc etc… hope that helps…

the link for the fins is** Your Domains**

If worse comes to worse email me through the website and i’ll send you some direct from my stock.

FYI if you do use the FCS sidebites dont use a standard FCS jig to mark out, as the fin base is reduced the fin plugs arent in a standard alignment.




“black apache surfboards… combining elements of the past and elements of the future to create something not quite as good as either…”

Cool little fins but why not make them with standard tab spaceing?
It doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the link ether would be unfortunate if you bought them and they didn’t fit

sorry i should explain further, the tabs are a normal FCS spacing apart, you see on a normal set of FCS fins when you mark blank for your fins the dot you place on the board will line up with the rear of the fin due to the distance the tabs are placed from the rear edge of the fin and the correspondance between this and the Jig that is used to mark for routing, this is not an option when your fin base is only 3" or less, so although the tabs are normally spaced as on any FCS compatible fin, the distance from the tab to the rear edge of the fin is different and needs to be taken into account when setting up to route for FCS fins. otherwise your fins will sit further forward than the marks you put on the foam… hope that clarifies.

its not a shaping issue at all but just a simple adjustment when it comes time to route for FCS. we use them everyday no worries.

nice , 'black apache' !


 do you do a few different colours and templates ?


do you also do one-tabbed , smaller ones ?


  cheers !



buy some regular sized side fins and satrt foiling and riding them until you get them at size you want/works for you.

we tried single tabs but they dont seem to work very well and are prone to breakage, the fin is smaller than you think, its about the same size as the one in the top photo. check the stubbies/hulls section on my website and you’ll see plenty of examples of them being used. (disreguard the main picture of the volan stubbie as this has a different fin setup)

we generally use them as glass on’s and run a box center… 

color wise i only use the clears as we always match them with our volan flex fins (either 9" or 8 1/4") so no need for colours, though when the occasion does arise we hand make those fins, as we do with all our other coloured fins, or one of my close friends lays them up for me, he is the fin wizard in australia supplying fins to all the big australian guys, Mctavish, Takayama, Nat Young, you name the guys young and old, he’s making their fins.

Im fairly certain shapers do them in the clear and also a smoke version as well.

In my experience i would say the glass on sides seem like they add a lot more “feeling” to the board as opposed to FCS ones and only install the FCS ones if the board is going on some serious travelling, i still travel with fixed fins all the time.


No travelling.

How much is shipping to America in US$?

as i said to the guys earlier the easiest way is to buy them direct from im not sure if the glass ons are advertised on the page yet but just contact them and im sure they can sort it out for you. it’d be cheaper for them to send them than me.  if you get stuck let me know.


No travelling.

How much is shipping to America in US$?


I sent Tee Shirts to people in California...cost me about 15 bucks...I sent some Tee Shirts to France in a little box...cost me about 35 bucks.....I promised my friend in West Oz that I would send out some Tee Shirts...cost me a hell of a lot more than France but the stoke meter went really high!!!

Mr Crowe...guys like me and you live in So Cal...we can get what ever we want for cheap...those fins are a dime a need to work on networking...wheeling and dealing....The person that glassed the board you posted put their logo on the back of the board...... Rainbow, Fins Unlimited, Fibre Glas Fin Co, and more all in California.....and I think you have a list of suppliers from other threads. I bet Mitch's and FoamEZ and Surf Supply and Fiberglass Hawaii all have little glass ons in stock today....and I bet some of them have little FCS side bites ready for you......

yep, as Ray said !


and Matt's suggestion is a good one , too...


third option .....


  if you ever DID decide to make some small sidebites [and others] yourself [....why NOT ,  eh ?!] ...


.....I think your resin , and fibreglass , and catalyst , is much cheaper there in the states than it is here in west oz , at least .


  so ,


  with 2 to 3 metres of cloth , a litre or two of lam resin [maximum] , some catalyst , 250ml of filler ['sanding'] resin ,


  and a sheet of glass to 'lay up' the fin panel[s] on .....


 .... once you have a carborundum blade for a jigsaw [got one?],  and a sander for foiling them , you will be set up to make quite a few fins , probably cheaper / as cheap , and as easy as buying lots , once you get the hang of it !


  The beauty of doing THAT is ,


1. "IF" you decide to use plugs so you can swap fins around .... you can make WHATEVER size and template and thick/ thinness of fins you desire

 2.  so , "IF" you always keep the same BACK fin in , you will pretty soon be able to feel out what different sized and varieties of side fins do [ just a thought ... you can do with that whatever you please !]


    I reckon anyone who has ever made a board could  [/ ? "should"? ] at least give making a set of fins for it , a go ... least ONCE in a lifetime !


  if nothing else ,  to get some kind of appreciation of the work involved in making fins , too !


  besides all that ...'s











  FUN to do , too ! 


[ I wouldn't have BOTHERED  doing it  , over a few years, now , if it WASN'T fun !]


there are plenty of threads here to show you how it's done , and , I'm sure , plenty of people here willing to help you, if you ever did decide to go ahead with it !


 The beauty of sways , as Ray says , is the possibility of 'networking' with each other  ...


....the "let's do a deal" thread , for example , shows that the absence of funds , exchange of SERVICES / product / barter are ALL  good options !   I'm sure we have enough people here [18,000??] , that there would be pretty much every need met , if people thought like that .


 okay .... I hope this helps , mate ?


  cheers !



Thanks guys! I’m stoked on the idea of making my own fins, but what if they are crappy? Try, try again I guess.

I’ve got a sweet Milwaukee polisher that will do the job. No carbide bit, but Home Depot (hardware chain) is just down the street.

For experimentation purposes, is it wiser to use a removeable fin system? And which system is it easier to make fins for?

Thanks again for all the advice!

personally I like probox , because less fiddly , in terms of having one long slot , rather than having to mess with getting two tabs precise