Local Getting Shut Down !!!

Save Oilies!

The latest expansion to the Port of Port Kembla comes at a huge expense to the local community whom will be locked out of the foreshore area on the northern side of the harbour forever . . . 


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Crikes, tha place is right amazin! I signed the thing, mate–g’luck to ye.


Wow ,PK and mm are my fave breaks, so this is pretty close to home. I havent heard anything about this, i’ll check it out.

Thanks for highlighting this.

I’m half a world away, but this type of “progress” affects us all. Government and Industry should never be allowed to block public access to the coast. Could your home break be next? All surfers should unite against these outrageous injustices against our sport and public access to natural resources. Thanks to any and all that make their voices heard.


good luck

Great looking wave


all swaylockers should add their support to this

signed. good luck.


Signed, and good luck.

Seaweed Dave

Signed. Hope it all works out

Best wishes,

Timmy B


Come on everyone, get behind this, there’s a huge community here who I’m sure are in a similar mind about this kind of ‘progress’. Like kelpcutter says it doesn’t matter if we’re not a locals… who knows, maybe our children and grandchildren will be.

The Gov will shut down the beach so trial lawyers and ambulance chasers dont sue the Gov when someone gets hurt. Unfortunatly both Gov and Lawyers are self perpetuating. You will never ever see less of either in the future.

I have never surfed there, i surf a few km’s south, but i’ve checked it out a few times in decent swell. The last time i went, the road was blocked by a gate, which i think has been there a while, but was always open??. The road itself, im pretty sure its a private road that the steelworks use for trucks to get down there, i know once i did a U turn to find a semi trailer flying down towards me, and its a narrow road. I think you would still be able to walk in, but that would suck. Just some useless info.


Good luck bro. Told my friends, they said they’d sign too.


Hope this help’s. I would hate for my local break to get shut down. Good luck! Aloha, DC


I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if my home break would just be taken away from me forever, signed.


best of luck


come on everyone

every one who views this post, make sure you sign it

Done, no question

Signed. Best of luck!