Logo paper - what is this?





Does anyone know what type of paper they are using in this video (at 4:10).  It seems like it’s put on with water/other clear liquid.


Any help would be apreciated





Looks like an old school water slide(slip) decal.

+1 to Uncle Grumpy, beat me to it…

Water slide decal paper, like the kind that comes with model car and airplane kits.  After a quick soak in water, the blue backing paper releases from the printed image+carrier+adhesive. We would need to see the blue paper and the cake pan of water for a 100% positive ID.


It’s a starboard decal/sticker.  When applying decals it is common practice to spray the surface and sticker with water to allow for repositioning.  You can use a squeegie to work the air bubbles out and remove the water to leave the sticker in the desired place.  This is very common when applying protection to cell phones.


Thanks guys,

Do these decals need to be covered with something like a clear coat or glass or are they as durable as paint?