LokBox Fins

Ive been looking around for lokbox fins and have only found about a half a dozen sites and they all supply the same stuff… however, on their pages, they have pics of lokbox fins in borads, and they look 10x cooler than the retail stuff… like transluscent seafoam green color, multilayers colors, cool wood patterns (not the CI fish one) and a whole bunch of others… where can I get the cool, not black colored, transluscent ones?

some sites I browzed…




any one know any more sites to get them from? does lokbox make custom fins?


buy now at their online store!

All the fins you see on the rainbow site are fiberglass fins , They don’t have the plastic ones up yet but will soon. If you have a question regarding availability of colors and/or certain templates just give them a ring at 831-728-2998 or e-mail at info@rainbowfins.com thanks

yeah, but didnt see any I liked… heres the pic I was referring to… from your site…

also, was looking for examples of “other patters” for the CI Fish fins… rainbow says that they come in “assorted”… does that meant the both fins will be mis-matched?

p.s. I was mainly looking for that transluscent blue like in the board above, but in the CI fish template… guess they dont exist though…

Scott the fins all will match. The main colors availble are red tint,blue tint, smoke and clear. But we also do green and yellow tint, as well as white and red opaque, but you may have to wait a bit if that particular color isn’t in stock in the template your inquiring about. The fins in that board are called the RPF series. (Rusty performance flex). They are 4oz layups sprayed with a matte finish. They are on the top row in the section entitled “surf” on rainbows site. If you click the fins then check the chart to the right, you’ll see the different sizes available. The RPF’s come in “TT” or thin tip, and “FT” or full tip. Each style has 3 sizes. Thanks

Pictured is the thin tip

Here’s the blue tint CI’s -

Just e-mail Rainbow and ask for a blue tint CI fish set. If it’s not in stock it shouldn’t be more than a week or 2. Thanks

I think were misunderstanding each other… this is the fin I was referring to… sorry for the confusion…

heres the quote from their website…

“Base: 6 3/4” tall 5 1/4" available in LokBox base only. The wood varies in layup and trypes of woods used"

now… when they say “varies in layup”… does that mean that the 2 fins will be mismatched wood patterns? also, does this basic template come in fiberglass?

edit: just saw your post… thanks for the tip on the merricks… didnt see them on the site… ill call em up tomorrow.

Side fins will always match. With the wood fins every lay-up is kind of different. Like acid splashes you never know exactly what you will get. But they’ll be purdy…

Howzit Jim, I've showed the fins you left us to people and they think they are awesome, just waiting for the right person to do an install for.Aloha,Kokua