lokbox router bit and guide bush

Any of you guys have a lokbox installation jig?

Please tell me what size router bit and guide bush you use with it!!!

I have had my jig for 4 days now and can’t get an answer from the UK agents, and as there is nothing in their instructions to point me in the right direction I am temporarily stuffed!!!

I really need to install some boxes so any help appreciated (Metric if possible)

I will be using an old Elu router (1/4" collet).

Markyv, Sorry you haven’t been able to contact Mick. He must be on a road trip or something. The Jig is designed to use a 1/2 diameter bit, and a 5/8ths (O.D.) 17/32 nds (I.D.) template guide. You can use a 1/4 inch collet and bit, I did it in Japan. Not sure of the size though. Don’t think it matters that much, you just want a bit that’s at least 3 inches in length. Don’t think i’ve heard of that particular router before. Can you give me the complete name and model number? I’ll help you research it online. Thanks

You should also send a message to “Degenerate” that posts on here. He got a fairly cheap router from sea base that he says works fine. I’ll send him a message as well. Sorry for the delay.

Try contacting Mick at southernbooks@lineone.net He can put you in touch with Sam (degenerate)in south wales.

Thanks for the reply

for a router bit that long, I will use the Makita 1/2" router that I have, don’t have the model number here, if my tool supplier can’t sort me out I will post again. Thanks again.

Is it this one?

Links -




Pretty sure this is the one you need

markyv, check out www.screwfix.com big range of routers and bush’s etc in the uk. They are pretty good and have an excellent no quibble return policy, I even no people who buy a tool for a job use it and send it back!!!


Yep thats the one, I have ordered and should receive tomorrow one 16mm OD guide bush for the makita and a 12.7mm cutter with a 55mm cutter length about 100mm overall. Those are the closest I can find to the imperial measurements that you gave. Will let you know how the first install goes. I assume that with epoxy I use the same cotton fibre mix that I use with leash cups etc?

Thanks for your help again, I found out today that Mick is on the road as you suggested, will catch up with him tomorrow.

Markyv, the boxes get installed with straight laminating resin regardless of whether your using polyester or epoxy resin. No milled or chopped fibers, or pigment should be used. This mix is generally used for installing parts that DO NOT get glassed over. Actually by using too much fiber content you can make the resin even weaker(not stronger) as it becomes more brittle. Just straight resin for Lokboxes. Thanks

Markyv Sam sent this to give to you -

Hey Jim, tell Markyv to check out http://seabase.ltd.uk or give them a ring on 01637 875 811. You can check it out on the tool page. The box contains the a bit and a crappy template guide, I bought a better bit from www.screwfix.com they also have a good selection of bush’s and cheap routers. You can pick a cheap router up for about £19.99 + shipping through screwfix.

The specs on the cheap router that I got are -

NuTool HP6 Router

850W 240V

1/4" Collet

£25.00 + vat and shipping

Hope this helps everyone out.

cheers, sam.

Let me know. Thanks

Thanks for all the advice guys, received my router bit and guide bush today from Axminster power tools. Everything works just great.

Right on! Thanks for your patience!