longboard first experiment - need help

hello, i’m an italian guy and i want to try the construction of a hollw longboard for small waves (50 - 100 cm)

i think for a 9’1’’ (i can’t carry a bigger one in my small european car) , i’m 170 cm and 65kg.

I try to draw a template whit aku shaper and for hollow template a free  software called “hollowboard template maker”.

i’m not an expert surfer and i don’t know the science of draw a longboard, i usually use an 8’ board and when the swell is 50cm is difficult to catch a wave (my board  as small tickness) and i tried a friend’s long 9’1"  catch this size of waves easier.

My experiment in not a question of money (i can buy an used board) but i want to do my one with my hands and your precious experience!if i will have a bad performance result the board can be a “art” piece in my home.

my first template are attached, what do you think?have any suggestion?

Thank you a lot!


excuse me for my bad english, i use this language only at school!

Those dimensions look like a good combination for an all-round longboard.  I realize that the program tapered the tip thicknesses... a little bit thicker at the ends on the actual board wouldn't hurt anything.

Overall?  Fine.  Get going!

thank you John!

i’ll add more thickness to the tips, but  it is a bit difficult for an european think in inch and feet…you mean for “more thickness” to add 1/2" or more?



I know enough Italian to know that the words for thickness and width are often confused in translation. “Thickness” on your design is shown as 3" at the middle of the board. John is saying that thickness should not become too little when near the nose and tail. (Maybe you know this already).

hi, i think you mean the minimum thickness of nose and tail, i add material. now this quote are 3/4…is it correct?

i have attached the new drowing.

yhank you for all suggestions

Very good!  Pay attention to John’s comments about thickness and I think you will have a nice shape.   Welcome to the world of surfboard building.  Lowel

…hello, I can add that you should check a bit more the dimensions; I mean, how do you do 23 1/16 in halves?, or those 5/8 s? More in a wooden board.

Hi Reverb , thanks for you suggestion. the dimension 23 1/16 is a result of a tanget used for draw the outline , i have to review this imperfection! the dimension 9’ 1 5/8" is the quote “over curve”, the staight line is 9’1", i dont know why the print screen of the aku visualize this dimension in “over curve”, it is bad?

i hope u can understand my very bad english