Longboard glassing schedule

I am planning on building a longboard and could use some advice on how much glass to use. I have read through a lot of posts here, read the Surfer Steve book, and watched the Epoxy 101 videos and I am still unsure how much glass to use. I am more interested in impact strength than either weight or cost. My boards are thick and wide so the most common damage mode is collison (with rocks or other boards) rather than snapping.

I was thinking about using S2 glass and will be using RR epoxy on an EPS core. Some glass schedules I am considering are:

1x6oz on the bottom and 2x6oz on the top w/ 2x6 oz lapped on the rails


2x4oz on the bottom with 3x4oz on the top w/ 3x4oz lapped on the rails

too much? not enough?

Thanks for any input.

Either of these are right.