longboard skateboard shaping/construcing

Ok, sorry to repost, but the october archives aren’t up yet and I don’t have access to my last post. I recently posted regarding my first longboard skateboard. I got great responses, and I thank every one of you for helping me out. I’m actually starting this project, and have some final questions. With what materials have some of you gotten the best results with? 4oz, 6oz, or 8oz cloth? how many layers? 1/2" or 5/8" plywood or laminate? How about mounting the trucks? Do you put a riser on the board and glass around/over it? Or is the glass tough enough that you can just bolt on without any reinforcement. Any info would be great. Searching the archives, I see Herb has done this about 100 times! Herb, any pics??? Thanks to all. And I do know about the ncdsa site.

…I use 4oz glass usually,to lessen the visual weave from the cloth,sometimes I use mat glass for more structural integrity. …Blanks for a LB OVER say 36" have to be stiff.I use 14 ply maple or as we call it, double thick blanks.You can go to a woodlumber supplier and find some 7 ply apple(maple and birch or ash)and glue up your own blank or go to Home Depot and get some 1/4" or 1/8" luan,birch,or oak and glue that up(mix it up ,I do),even add some glass or what I use is 125lb burst wt. brown paper for strength W/mat glass. …Paul Jensen makes a killer LB and has his very own unique approach to building them.Check his site out.And you’ll agree that he can build some NICE stuff!!! …Where are you located?Herb

…Hey if you haven’t already,check out the photo archives for skateboards:Rastro has some nice homemade LBs in that section. …He was by here not to long ago.He did one longie with a Cal Rose rice bag print material on the deck, real nice work too!!!I believe he has offered his help from time to time here at Sways.Herb

thanks so much Herb. that’s just the start I was lookin for! been printing out pages from the archives like crazy and your name is at the bottom of a lot of posts, so I was hoping you’d reply. I’m in seattle. You think the depot would carry a bunch of that stuff?

by the way, that board PJ made is pretty darn sweet! it’d almost be a shame to ride it. your concave boards are insane! that is the most concave i have ever seen! wow. i bet it’s nice on the feet when you get em all situated in there. thanks again. -chris

…If your in Washington there should be lots of lumber yards to work from.Home Depot is my lazy resort,but they do carry most of everything you need.Someday when you’re ready, I tell you how to build your own Taco w/o a press,AND yes they are the most concaved skateboard in the world.Herb

check out www.lushlongboards.com for some tips…well sound blokes who make some wikkid skateboards! Harry