Longboard to Fish (a story of reincarnation)

Get 'em Jon!

I love the fins!

nice job.

About the halo, how are you going to add it at this stage? I always add it under the lam.

Are you going to cut the border, add a halo and apply a finishing lam?

Thanks Chrisp! 

Thank you very much Hans! I guess halo isn’t the right word, as it’s not a real halo. I was just referring to the 3/16"" border of tinted resin I was able to keep around the edge of the wood. 

photo 7a87de1f-be68-40dc-836a-d21925f3e56d.jpg

BTW Hans, much respect and appreciation for your finFoil program!

Okay, update time. I was up bright and early Saturday morning, and constructed a borrowed easy up as a makeshift “glassing bay”. I’m using non UV lam resin, so I figued sunlight wouldn’t be an issue. Flipped my shaping stand upside down and it was perfect for glassing, as the rails easily overshot the ends of the stand.

photo 4ae37ec3-a05c-40e3-9e09-87002c3a20f0.jpg

Temp was warm at 6:30am, around 75-80 ish? Started the bottom lam, with fin and front patch, TInted ora. nge. I mixed 16oz buckets with 5cc (ml) MEKP per bucket. I poured and worked one bucket on the bottom, and catalysed the next to work the rails. I barely got the rails wrapped as the second bucket started to gel.

photo IMG_4793.jpg photo IMG_4794.jpg

I cut a triangle to fit in the void of the crack in the tail, which worked really well. Cut my lap, pulled the masking, good to go.

Worst thing thus far? I put my lam down backwards…classic. Ces’t la vie, doesn’t bug me too much, pretty damn funny really, rookie move :wink:

photo FullSizeRender_1.jpg

I should have just stopped there, I reckon…

I cleaned up my trash, scraps, and the little bay and taped off the bottom for the deck lam. The temperature steadily climbed, and was around 98 when I put the board up on the racks for the deck lam. I figured I’d just do 2 layers of 6oz, no tint, as a white deck would be cool with some pinstriping. 

Since the bottom lam kicked so fast, I figured I’d be okay with 3cc/ml MEKP per 16oz lam resin. I got great saturation of the deck, all the way around, but when I poured off my second pot to start saturating the rails, the resin from the deck that I pushed out to the rails had started to gel. I frantically rushed to saturate and pull the lap onto the bottom, but the cloth had kicked by that point and wouldn’t be pushed up the deck. 

Motha Fucka…

photo FullSizeRender202.jpg photo FullSizeRender1.jpg

I cut all the loose and unsaturated cloth, cursing myself as I went, and put it up at this point. 

photo IMG_4799.jpg

My plan is to grind the loose/bad lam away. I got the rails pretty well saturated and lammed down. After the bad is removed, I’m thinking of using some cloth tape, and laminating the rails around the board. Then hotcoat, sand, stripe, gloss, blah blah blah. Anyway, figure I’d share my folly’s with all of you, hope you dad’s out there are having a great fathers day, and everyone a great weekend. 

I think we have all been there, done that.  Everything is salvageable at this point.  The board looks good, and the lam looks great even backwards.

Small progress update.

The master at the local glass shop offered to help me out, and I couldn’t turn him down. I got to watch the proper way to glass boards, which was awesome and extremely helpful. I grinded down the bad sections on my board all the way around the rails, and fixed some air pockets I had, and went over before work. Instead of strips along the rails, we did another layer of 4oz freelapped over the top. I watched him lam a board, and then he handed me the squeegee and bucket and let me go for it. I must say looking back at my first attempt to glass the deck was a freshman attempt, but oh well. Also being inside was a huge help, out of the heat.

We then hotcoated the top, and that is where it sits as of now.

photo IMG_4834.jpg photo IMG_4846.jpg I did have a pretty good size air bubble under my backwards lam on the bottom, which I grinded out, filled with tinted lam resin, and placed a new lam and small 6oz patch over it, then feathered the edges of the patch smooth. This time I wet under the lam first, and it worked out well. I’ll wind up painting the logo the correct way before gloss coat. Funny thing, the air pocket was directly over the buckle of the stringer. coincidence, perhaps/perhaps not. photo IMG_4849.jpg photo IMG_4851.jpg


Started reading at last update.

Fins cool!

Dig the unique BBQ style.

Looking forward to see more on that.

As I read and saw your lam resin,

I was concerned!

Sure enough!

Man we ALL have done it!

And precisely why the experienced guys

Call them “saves”

Or mind over matter.

And the lam???

Done that too, LMAO!

Funny story…

Had a lam that was ML realy a LB lam

Started using it in shortboads only “cocked”.

1st time I was so worried with the angle,

crap backwards!

But (like your initials) it came out JM

which are mine!

Still doing 'em that way!

Just tell ‘em…

It’s a mirror image…

Carry on

Isn’t this fun…?


Can’t wait to see this in the water Jon!

Mattwho that’s awesome, wish my lam backwards was my initials, then it wouldn’t be so bad. Thank you for the kind words, this is fun indeed!

Chrisp me too!! I’ll have to bring it by when it’s all said and done for you to see! Quick question, I used some cork on a handplane, the stuff is awesome. As far as traction while surfing, what do you think of the stuff in the water? I know you’ve done a full board with it, so you must like it, but as far as someone like me, who’s rather novice, how would you rate it? I keep going back and forth between maybe doing a traction pad, or 3/4 deck, or somthing with it…better than wax? The same?

Hey there, sorry for the long hiatus, been busy with other projects, blah blah blah. I wound up handing the board off to get some futures boxes put in, part of trade for some pinstriping. As much as I wanted to do glass on quad fins, I was talked out of it (of which I’m greatful, I’m stoked to be able to swap out fins and am glad they were put in by someone who is awesome at his profession).

Anyways, I sanded the hotcoat, and learned that I will never sand an entire board with a random 6" orbital sander again. It took me about half a day, and I kept loosing the velcro backed sanding pads (I think because they are cheap, the velcro sucks). I did the rails and alot of “finish” sanding all by hand, which was time consuming, but good. As much as I appreciate the necessity of hard work as part of the experience when doing something like this, I also find it acceptable to work smart.

photo SANDED.jpg

So with the whole board sanded, I got started on the fun part, laying down some lines. I painted over the backwards lam, and am stoked how that came out, and starded striping above it. I’ll post up more pics when the striping is finished, going to ivory (shown) and black on the stripes.

photo LAM PAINT.jpg

Here’s a photo of whats been taking up most of my time, it’s a board I’m painting for a local surf art festival that I finally finished, aside form top-coating. A few types of mediums used, from goldleaf to airbrush to pinstriping. I haven’t decided if I want to give it a month to fully dry an use gloss resin or just an automotive clear coat. Enjoy-

photo PLAIN.jpg


Beau coup!

Love it.

Raed up Huck…

Sorry I missed this earlier Jon.

I like the cork deck… I"ve only had 2 sessions so far but it feels as good as wax imo.

I think I am gonna add some to my daily driver and see how I like it.

Got some lines down last weekend, heres a few photos (sorry for the poor quality, tried to keep them small to not slow up loading time.) Really stoked on the bottom, not so much on the deck. Wax will cover it anyway, ces’t la vie. 


photo STRIPE FULL.jpg


photo STRIPE TAIL_1.jpg


photo STRIPE TOP.jpg



Hope you’re all well, I’ll update when I gloss coat-


Nice lines!

Killer pinstriping! thats like the stuff you see on the custom car circuit.

What’s your day job? Do you work in an autobody shop or are you self-taught. Keep up the great work.

Thanks chrisp and parthenonsurfer! I work at a computer most of the day, but spent alot of time working on vehicles…VW Vanagons mostly, which is still where I work, but not hands on anymore. Now I do alot of product photo/instructional video stuff.

I’ve been striping for about 8-9 years as a hobby, all self taught (no one really likes/liked to talk about how to do it when I started, but now you have youtube videos that show pretty much everything). My dad also painted cars for 45 years, so i’m sure I had some influence there. 

thanks heaps for the photo updates , Salty !


  1780 plus views show that threads like this are still very popular at sways


  keep up the great work !


And maybe , ChrisP , you can get some shots of it being ridden ?   [ if not Salty getting shots of you riding it yourself too, perhaps ?!  :)  ]


  cheers !




 [ it’s always  great to see old blanks being utilised / resurrected . Same with old ‘strip and reshape’ jobs.  I have a mate here who has more than FIVE [old blanks ] , in various stages of shaping / glassing / templating ]

Yeh fins! Threads like these have always been my favorite, pictures and follow through seem to be the most interesting (content!). A sign that perhaps an inexperienced person like myself might actually be able to do this! That being said, I gloss coated it today, but no pics to post, ha! I’ll get some up soon. I had a funny thing happen, my gloss coat rippled and “pocked” everywhere, much like orange peel on a car clear coat. One would think impurity on the substrate, but i made sure to do a thorough acetone wipedown prior to gloss coat. I did however add almost twice the amount of surfacing agent than i should have and it was 102 degrees outside…anyways, I’ll sort it out. Sanded the bottom with 800 grit wet on a block to smooth it out, i may gloss coat it again. 

As far as ride pics, I may have have to get someone who can actually surf well to give her a proper photo shoot, as you’d probably get shots of me flailing in whitewater on it ;P. Perhaps chrisp will give her a proper go and i can snap a couple. Anyways, pics soon. Take care all-

Ok heres some pics

Directly after gloss pour/brushing-

photo 100658db-d1fd-45a4-bf7f-d2c1dbe9f64f.jpg

Nice and glossy…

photo 84beb0c3-86ab-44eb-aab4-6ef32ebae7ef.jpg

deck after gloss has setup (orange peel/ripple/pocking)

photo a00527e3-56c9-45e9-baf9-890e1b9901a7.jpg

Bottom after sanding w/ 800 grit.

Salty-I am still digging the striping. I have a striping brush but have yet to try it.

Polyester resin or epoxy resin? Did you brush it on quick and walk away or fiddle with it a little? I imagine it went off quick at 100+ degrees.

Thanks for the updates.-J