Longboards Only

I ride longboards only. Nothing against shortboards, I actually admire those who can rip on one, I just prefer longboarding. I’ve finally found the perfect “noserider”. It works great in small/mushy conditions, but tends to be to slow on bigger/faster waves. (It’s a 9’6" square tail with soft rails, lots of rocker in the tail and a wide nose.) For years now, I’ve been trying to contact shapers about a new design. A board that will allow me to keep a more “traditional style” of longboarding on bigger/faster waves. Unfortunately, I have the habit of always finding shaper who are to busy to respond to my questions. This form, however, has offered me some hope. I’m extremely impressed by the vast knowledge of those who respond. But even more so, by the genuine willingness to answer even the simplest of questions. If you were to design a longboard, not a high performance board but a more traditional design, for a guy who’s 6’0" and 185lbs, that would work well on bigger/faster waves, what would it be? Rails? Rocker? The tail shape and size? The nose shape and size? Concave? Thickness and glassing? (I usually ride heavier boards.) Also, can you recommend a shaper who wouldn’t mind discussing this board with me before I order it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Try Lance Carson, Millennium Model. This board is made for just what you are asking about. www.lancecarson.com. I think he has his phone # on the site. He will make you a custom that really should work for you. I have one that I love. Good luck and let me know what you think after you get in contact with Lance.

Court---------Renny Yater already makes the board you are discribing. It’s a speed shape intended for Island style waves. It’s a pintail(sort of rounded). Great big guy, big board. Check out the Yater website. McDing


take a quick glance at my old faithful Maui Model by GREEK pictured on the left and go for it! Probably the best longboard I ever had, and I rode some pretty good-sized Guéthary with it. Easily ten to fifteen feet. Long drawn-out shape with a nice pintail and thin egg rails will do the job just fine. Then have any good shaper adapt the measurements specifically to your height, weight, experience and style. Good rides.