Looking for 12'0 shape

I recently picked up a 12’3 Clark Foam Blank. It is 6 inches thick, 26 inches wide and has low rocker. I am 260 lbs. so I need the thickness. I live in North Carolina and surf a lot of shore break.
I have a friend that has a 12’0 Skip Fry that I can template if I need to. Any ideas other than skim and glass.

Nice score

those are hard to come by

Cut it in half and make two boards is my ignorant opinion.

At 6 inches of thickness, you’ll be able to add in decent rocker to the side that doesn’t have any, 26 inches is too narrow for a beginner SUP but you’ll have plenty to work with for fishies.

G’day Etmo,

Do you work in a surf shop?


lots of ideas for 12 foot boards in the photo archives, look here:



although I’d note that most of them are in the 3.5 to 4.5 inch thickness range.

That provides plenty of float. There’s nothing wrong with Skip Frye shapes either!

I posted this before. This is an 11’1’’ Rhyno foam. I believe it was done from an 11’3’’ blank.

That’s a wonderful blank and as easy to use as anything that big can be. Since you have access to the Frye,

I’d advise you go off it as much as possible. You need to get some thickness off of the blank, but the foil is

super-close already. It was designed to accept custom rockers, so the ‘‘natural’’ is a little flat. Does your blank

have any markings on the bottom to indicate a rocker change?

Use the Frye!!

hhmmm, shorebreak, 12 feet, 260,

I would make it as fast as possible, pull in the tail to as narrow as you feel comfortable. Are you gonna walk that plank? Hangin 10 on a 12? Or ride it from the mid? back? I would do a low rockered gun. Scare all in your line. Just camp in the middle and rule then slash a direction spray once in a while.

Yeah I say low rockered gun. Then if you ever feel like trying the big nasty noreaster at least you have a board.