Looking for a classic fish


I’m a novice surfer that is looking for fun, forgivable, and easy to transport in a compact vehicle. Is there anyone in the New England looking to get rid of an old board or any local shapers that can put together a basic deck for me to continue learning on. I really appreciate hand made objects with a personal touch. And I can’t afford a new resin tinted beauty at the local shop. And I need to get in the water again!

I made a shortboard last summer thinking I would get better and well… I’m in Boston now and the waves aren’t big and consistant enough for my skill level and I can’t lug around a long board. I guess I should have made a fish myself. Actually does anyone in the area rent shop time?



theres waves in boston?

Newport RI is about an hour away. There are quite a few good spots around there… You might be suprised


Quad Fish maybe 6ft’ 22’ 2 3/4’ or Nugget at 6ft’ 22 3’