looking for a shaping apprenticeship

hey whats going on guys, ive been looking for a shaping apprenticeship in the southern california area. either orange county, san diego county ,or la county area. i am currenty a us marine and get out of the marine corps in 3 months so im stoked. my love for surfing has grew pretty fast since i started. It has been very hard to try and find some one to offer me an apprenticeship. due to how much foams cost and they just dont want to waste foams on some guy trying to learn shaping. please email me if you have any offers or could help me out . my email is and my name is josh

IN my experiance you don’t start shaping get somone to let you sweep there shop for free and learn how to do ding repair for a shop. all the sanding and reshaping will get you on the right path and you can practice shaping on your own time and watch the guys at the shop.


If you buy your blank and materials I will help you craft your own board

as an aprentice ,No

as a friend showin ya the ropes, yes

Pm me Im in HB

thanks a lot