Looking For Guinea Pigs

I’ll design the pre shape and you can see what you think of it. If you like it, you can get it machined and glassed at your own expense and then surf it. How’s that for the deal of the century! Looking to test a modern fish and a shortboard. Ability and age are irrelevant. Strictly for those who can’t be bothered picking up a planer.

Now I’m on a hundred points too! Woo hoo!!

sounds like a good plan. hope to see the outcome of this.

id offer to be the guinea pig but with lack luster surf and being far away i dont think im the correct canidate

good luck

You can count me in Deanbo.

I’m always down for trying different shapes.

I have a boat load of blanks and a few gallons of resin.

Lets see what you got!

Hi Todd,

are you looking for a shortboard or fish design? If you are can you PM me your email address and some specs as Sways wont let me upload a .brd file.

Dean Bonkovich

kelly slater is in mate. he sure cant be bothered to pick up a planer. although he will probably take credit for the desighn