Trying to locate an old surfing buddy Ernie Garcia with whom I last surfed with a neat reef break on U.K.'s N.East Coast of UK called “Caves” during Summer 2001…Those who have surfed there will know it as sweet left hander great for picking up mal waves outside but with neat section(s)as it warps around …Not the heaviest but ok especilly when it glasses off. .Ernie turned me onto this most excellent Swaylocks resource plus he had just got bought 2 excellent new mats from Mr Solomonson! Any way Ernie moved to Japan in 2001/02 .Anybody know where is now? Later Nick

Nick, When Ernie last called me from the UK, our conversation was over 5 hours long! His email address at that time was: If you locate him, please convey my best regards. A very cool guy. Dale

Hi Dale, Thanks v.much for your feedback on Ernie… WhenI make contact I will pass on your message. Regards, Nick