Looking for Shapers; Lost Coast No. Calif.

Looking for contacts; names and #'s in Eureka/Arcata and Cresent City, Fort Bragg.  Have a quanity of Poly/MDI blanks that I am transporting to Oregon.  I want to try to turn on a few guys above the Bay Area to these blanks as they are good quality and downright cheap.  Special deals on purchase of ten or more.  PM me via Sways with any questions and contacts.  I have already touched base with someone in FB, but you may know of other shapers/boardbuilders who want to increase there margins a few bucks with these blanks.  Backyarders and wannabes are welcome.   Lowel

Get hold of Leslie… she’s in Ft Bragg and glasses for every shaper worth his salt between Mendo & Oregon - well, except the Sways ones who do it themselves :wink:

Spud’s in Mendo Co too.

Aloha McDing,

   Just came across this thread. My name is Mike Woo and I’m a shaper from Hawaii. Just a few questions about your blanks.

1: What type of stringer do you use?

2: Who designed the blank plugs?

3: Any blank spec’s? Rocker, Thickness ect…

4: Have you had and problems with the glass around the stringer buldging or sinking in?

worked with Poly/MDI foam before. I liked the way it performed but
encountered problems with the way the blanks expand and contract with



   Mike Woo