looking for shaping stands....

happy holidays all-

its been a long time since ive been around, but im looking for some shaping stands online. im helping make a improv-bay in a basement and just plain dont feel like making my own, dealing with the cement, leveling, cuttin the wood, etc.

so i was wondering if anyone had any good sites for finding shaping stands that arent 3-5 hundred dollars. (my jaw dropped when i saw that) or any other easy way of making one.



just go see your local welder , bring a picture of what you want and have him make you a set. have them mounted on old rims off a car for mobility or with plates to screw to the floor, presto bang-o shaping stands for like 150.00 bucks if that.

Thats good advice. Go to the local high school and see the metal shop class…If they still have one.

Anyhow, you going to pay for stands if you don’t want to buy them from a retail shop like Foam EZ. I mean guys are trying to make a living too, even welders, your looking at a half a days work or so, to bend, weld, thread, prime, paint etc. A good welder gets about $30-$45 per hour. Material is going to cost you probably…$70.00 or so, then you got some guy bending welding, etc for about 4 hrs? or at least $160.00. So you looking at a minimum of $250.00 for some stands, and thats if the guy is fast!

Trust me on this one, I’ve tried to get guys to do some welding around Rancho Del Resinhead, and it gets kind of pricey

Those ready made stands aren’t not so expensive now? Hey go to harbor freight and buy a welder…learn how to do it, then make me a set of stands too. I’ll pay you 100.00 to make them for me.


this is not the best shot of em but its all i have. i welded them up with scrap steel in about 1 hour. there not pretty but they do the job just fine. just hit up one of your mates that can weld a bit. you have to know someone? maybe!

Seems to me there was a thread in the archives as well, probably a chipfish inspired name like “show us your shaping stands” or something like that. Guys had some pretty inventive ones that they had come up with. Here’s another question - do they have to be welded steel? Nothing wrong with wood I don’t think. Couple links via a forum search for “shaping stands”. Second link is the “show us” one… I know I have some nice plans around here somewhere for some stands but can’t remember if I saved them as a picture or a link to a webpage, confunnit! I’ll look for them again later…



exactly. nothing wrong with timber ones. i just work with steel every day so its easier for me.

Wood, concrete, and buckets cost about 20 bucks. Takes about 2 beers to put together if you’re taking your time. Not counting the time for the concrete to cure. An old ironing board has been known to suffice Down Under, I believe. Mike

Accidentally stumbled on these pictures. Made them right after Christmas when the stands were on sale at Home Depot. Couple of buck per. I like having a little shelf to put stuff on while I shape.

Here is a shaping bench I made from a single sheet of 3/4 ply.

If you can’t make them yourself, Wetsand has them for just under $300. But I recommend making them yourself like others have posted for around $20-$50 in materials.

Here are the Wetsand stands:



Yeah so make your own. Only take a couple of hours and less than $50.

Here’s mine.


Very sturdy!


Hey Rick, those look very similar to the ones I had plans for that I seem to have misplaced on my hard drive somewhere… Were the plans for those (the upper part) on the 'net somewhere? I seem to remember them having metric dimensions on the drawing…

Nothing against resellers or manufacturers of shaping stands but they are expensive. Build them yourself if you want to save a lot of money. Second thoughts, why doesn’t someone sell a kit set wood one. Could be quite popular.


Here you go. I’ve been really happy with these stands. Although they are no longer that pretty.


Thanks Rick…

This is a free version,

4 beams from a pallet and some extra wood,

height adjustable,

Could use something heavy on the foot

Now I don’t use to shape, I use it as a table.