Machine shaping implicated in board snappage

I was recently informed by a well connected and experienced shaper that the major reason for (PU/PE) board snappage in his area has been linked to machine shops cutting too deep into blanks, removing too much crust and so weakening the blank.

Machine owners tell me that they use even-density blanks so the crust is less important than it was years ago and the glassers need to spend a few $ more to get decent quality glass and take time to get proper resin loadings.

What’s the general opinion/experience on this?

he does nothing but hand shape right?

I watched one of the most expensive lables being cut a while back, it was a 9’6" out of a Walker 10’8", I’m sure it cut into a softer area of the blank!

If the rockers are provived accurately enough, the cutter barely skins the deck and as usual, the meat of the shaping is done off the bottom of the blank.

But, as Clark had so very much elaborated upon, breakage has never been more prone since boards got thinner and wider stringers don’t help.

When I was a young june bug, breaking a board was really a big deal, now it is reguarded as that red badge of courage and is deemed no big deal.

I have broken my share of boards over the last 46 years and it hurts to see a favorite stick die before you eyes. I broke a 7 stringer that was shear magic during hurricane Gabriel, when I pulled back on the leash and only half came back, I was in disbelief that I wasn’t seeing what I was really seeing.

At the last Greg Noll contest in Costa Rica I broke an S-glass, extra patches, wide t-band off sets in 4 foot surf in the first 7 minutes after entering the water.

One broke after I lost it and it ghost rode to the beach, sticking it’s nose into the sand and having the lip land in the middle of the deck.

I rode a 1 foot wave to the end and pearled in a foot of water and the nose barely touched bottom, but with my weight still on the board, it snapped.

I tried to duck dive at Swami’s, had the board ripped from my grasp, when I surfaced, I had a 2 piece board.

I tried to duck dive while trying to sneak from Val’s reef past the west peak, I didn’t get lucky, broke it clean intwo.

Blasted a big floater at Sebastian Inlet, on the way back down the impact sent a sheet of water straight up at me, breaking the board between my feet.

They were all hand shapes, some were even epoxy, nothing is safe from mother nature, no amount of extra stringers, extra glass or exotics are safe from her vengance

I’ve had three preshaped boards with no problems. I think your shaper just needs to check the blank before he lets loose with his machine. Trying to cut a steep rocker out of a flat blank is never going to happen no matter who/what shapes it.