Making my first board :)

I’m going to be ordering a blank soon from a place that sells them on my island about 300kms away il get them to ship it down.

I can get any resins and such from this store that i need

i was wondering if there are any down to the basics lets make our first board tutorial or do i have to search a whole bunch and just patch it together? i think i wont hvae problems with shaping whats worrying me is the steps to go about glassing it and inserting fin boxes and the leash plug.

im going to have to do all my shaping and glassing outdoors so any tips about that to would be great, im not looking to make something amazing like you guys just something that floats and catches waves :slight_smile: im thinking im going to build a 6’10" fish out of the 6’11" blank here from blair foam

There are a lot of instructional vids on U-Tube on how to glass, put fin boxes in, leash plugs.  Some good and some bad.  Watch them and it won’t be long and you’ll know which ones to follow.

I was amazed how well my first board worked… but now, after 25 boards, I’m much better… ha! and every board I do is better than the last!

Let us know how you do.


il be sure to post progress :slight_smile: im going to phone island boards tommorow and ask about the prices of there blanks and shipping and so forth and il go from there :slight_smile: and maybe get myself one of those styrofoam rasp magigers hey use for dry wall thats like a cheese grater, forget what there called lol il be sure to watch many utube vids :slight_smile:

One of the best tutorials is John Carpers Shaping 101 and Glassing 101 videos. If you can get your hands on those it’s a great start.

Go for it Noob, that's the spirit!  Keep us in mind for questions, venting your frustration, just whatever. 

What kinda waves you have lined up there for this first board??

ah well I dont really expect much from this board since its my first but im hoping to hit up cox bay in october up at longbeach BC, usually abou 4-6 foot waves, im not a very experienced surfer but i get the job done :slight_smile:


Theres two reasons my name is noob one Im making my first surf board two im not a very strong surfer :stuck_out_tongue:

     Howzit Dave,I have seen both of Johns videos and tey are very good when it comes to details,The Damascus vids are way better.Aloha,Kokua

shaping outside in direct sunlight is difficult.  u can't see a lot of the problem areas on the blank as u could if u were in a room using side lights.  i hope you will be under some sort of shelter from direct sunlight, like one of those cabanas that people carry to the beach that are just 4 poles and a top.  if not, early morning/late afternoon is better as the sun will be at more of an angle to you.  working in the shadow of a building wall willl help. newt broome ran a major ding repair business here and glassed my boards during my shaping outside period. he told me it was like "shaping in braile" to work outside.

as for glassing outside...get a good pair of tweezers for bug removal. direct sunlight will also set your resin off quicker than if u were glassing indoors.

fcs makes a nice tape of how to install their system, and also has written instructions. u can buy all the tools necessary to install their system for about $100, or, u can use a hole saw and router and guestimate the angle/gap the plugs should be at. hole saw/router to insert the leash plug also.  don't forget to put fiberglass patches over the fin system and leash plug installs.

fish sounds like a nice starter project.  keep it thick and downrailed from nose to tail.  a problem area in shaping fish is the buttcrack to tips.  u might rather go to a diamond tail on the first board.



thank you all for your input i was also wondering if its hard to install fin boxes without those very expensive 130$ jigs :stuck_out_tongue: can i make my own jigs from a template or something or do i obsolutly have to buy them :slight_smile:

hi Noob, welcome to Swaylocks...

check this out

from a few days ago...


I'm going to be ordering a blank soon from a place that sells them on my island [/quote]

ha ha, reminds me of this:

by the way, where is your island?




uh vancouver island there inst the best surfing here but its the best in canada :stuck_out_tongue:



so i just phoned the surfshop and asked about the 6’11 blank and it will be around 150$ plus shipping down to victoria which will probably be about another 50$ so 200 for the blank and it looks like 100 for the epoxy and the fin system is probably gonna run me another 50-100$ 0_0 dammnnn hahahaha sadly they dont have any in stock right now but just sent an order in, il have to phone back some time and ask them when theyl get them in. 200$ isnt that bad for a blank, im pretty sure they mostly preshaped anyways haha, plus 200for blank + 100 for epoxy + 50ish? for cloth+another 50-100 for fin system not to bad 400-450$ to make it ^^


has any one ever used this? Specialty Hardware Store & More | Western Canada | Industrial Plastics & Paints

whats it like? and when yo uwork with epoxy or polyester resin theres like the laminating coat then theres the hot coat? whats a hot coat? with expoxy is it just brushing the resin on to get rid of the ridges from the fabric?

I have used system 3 sb-1 epoxy.  I personally didn't like the slow cure time, but others have had great success with it.  It worked well for my lam and hot coats, but I ended up glossing wth poly because I could not get a good gloss coat with it. 

There is a lot of good info here on glassing, and some very experienced glassers post here, so a bit of reading through past threads will pay off greatly.  The hot coat is the second coat after the lam coat, and yes, one thing it does is fill the texture of the fiberglass.


thank you for the information :slight_smile:


one other question iswhat type of fins can probox fin systems fit? i read somewhear that they can fit future fins and fcs fins? and why is it that they fit in them?


welcome ,

FCS will fit in Probox, Futures will not unless you modify them. (the fins)

Probox has to be the most user friendly and economical finbox install system on the market, bar none,

“probox_larry” on this site is your go to guy for Probox and Fibre Glass Fin co., shoot him a pm or email and he will set you up, ship direct to you if need be. He’s a great guy and loves helping us garage guys get stoked!

thank you so much everyone here is so helpful :slight_smile:

i was just wondering what everyone thinks of this design give me as much critism and you can put out :slight_smile: maybe take my pic and show me where the fins should go :slight_smile: stil not sure about what setup i want to use so im thinking for a the 5 fin system so i can pick my best setup :slight_smile: i was trying to go for a retro fish shape has quite a bit of info.

Hi Noob,

You may want to checkout greenlight surf supply. They have some of their surfboard building kits on sale this month. 300 for everything you need for shaping and glassing including some hand tools and instructional videos. Plus shipping for 45

Foam ez also has some kits. They carry the US Blanks 6-10A, which is very similar to the blank you mentioned.

My first “shortboard” was a Larry Mabile 7-0 twinzer fish. I got it after about a year of learning to surf on longboards. It was so much fun, until I got a chance to borrow a 6-4, and I realized 7-0 X 22 X 3 was way more board than I needed. A big fish can be really fun. Good luck with it.