Making Surfacing Agent

Hi everyone. I need your help with this one. I’ve got to finish this board by tomorrow and need to get more surfacing agent. Only problem is I can’t get to a Surfboard Supply store today. I need to do a few cleanup jobs on the board. How can I make some of my own SA? I have the styrene, just need to get some of the wax solution. Can I get it at any hardware stores?



Wax solution is usually 8-10% parrafin wax and 90% styrene. You can make your own by finding some unscented parrafin wax, look in the baking or canning section of the grocery store, parowax used to be a trade name. Cut or grate the parrafin into small pieces, add about 2-3 tablespoons full to one pint of styrene, mix or shake till it dissolves. Should be close to the SA you buy regularly.

Someone else might have a different recipe, but I think they should all be close to this.

That recipe sounds about right. I’ve taken a 1/2 bar of Paraffin (2 oz) and added to a quart of styrene (32 oz) and it worked OK. That works out to little over 6 % -in the ballpark.

so if you can make your own poly surfacing agent can we make our own additive “F” agent for epoxy?

I think Greg said it’s a xylene(?) based agent with some type of soluables(paraffin wax?)

That would be nice…

I know Fiberglass Hawaii is making their own for their epoxy but it’s special order and supposidly you can use Greg’s Additive F with Fiberglass Hawaii’s Aluzine epoxy as well (per Jeff Johnston)…

Bert said that he had made his own surfacing agent (additive f) that was similar to Greg’s but a $16 a quart…

Xylene base but I don’t think paraffin is the solid added. Might not be good for additional coats.