Makita 1900B Planer

Just got hold of a Makita 1900B 115V planer.  Anyone have any experience with this or similar?  I’ll be shaping my first soon…I’ll be using a surform and sandpaper on the finer points of course.  There’s an exhaust port on the side and I suppose I can find a bit of PVC fit in there and connect to the Shopvac.  Also, there’s a local shop here that sells Walker blanks…any experience with those?  Coastal NC over here.



I have used one, they work well till the bearings cook.

I tried many planers...they all work great if you use an appropriate technique.I shaped my first board with a hand planer......and it came out nice.Took me ages to do it but i didn't have enough money to get an electric planer when i was just 17!Shaping is all about skills and good eyes.

I still use the 1900B and have had 2 of them. I stick with the Makita because it has served me well and I'm used to it. The one I have now is just about ready for new bearings after quite a few years and many boards. I have the grit barrell in mine, I prefer the barrell to the blades.

Its just a tool and wont make you any better a shaper than a $28 one from K mart or a $1000 skil 100.

Mow away.