Mark Scott's surfboard repair tool

Rays camera was out of juice so we couldn’t get a picture of that tool you had strapped to your thing… :slight_smile:

I did a fast drawing of it… Ha!

And the method of use is…?


And the method of use is…?

how did that frank zappa song go? Ram it, ram it…


Seriously, looks like it becomes afixed to the board with the paralel plates and the bar prociding the stiffness. Basically a splint. Now if we could understand the ergonomics of it in case of a deckside application or, alternatly the hydrodynamics of it when applied bottomside…

No you strap the board to it, strap the device to your bumper, then drive around the block. Once you get back home, what’s left goes in the trash can, and you make a new board.


that’s actually the rib structure for Mark’s invisible board… haven’t you seen it?

Oh, I guess not.

I like Mark,

He’s been thru alot lately in his life …and remains strong and steady…I admire that…

Some say a gunslinger like me is strong,tuff,brave…not so…I think the simple farmer or fisherman is much braver,and will endure thru time much better.

Thanks Herb that means alot from you.

the way it works is the pole stands upright, I have it slide over a pole I have mounted in the ground. the 1x6 pieces move up and down according to the break in the board, center piece is put where the snap is and the top one moves up and down to fit the rocker of the board. The bottom one does the same to adjust tail rocker.

you are all right in the wrong ways , I was trying to get Mr. Scott to elaborate as to how and what this thing-a-ma-jig is used for…

3 day weekend…let’s get some girls over to play on Marks pole…

i couldn’t resist…sorry…i’m weak…

for chip


Hey I wanted to say congrats on the auction board…you’re the man now.

I admire you for your family values.Most would have given up on life,but you…you endured,and thrived…something this gunslinger I don’t think could have beared with in his life(A nurse in the DD field for over 26 years)…Your family loves you …and it shows…I’ll ride on now partner…A gunslinger like me has no right shadowing the likes of a fine man like you.

It’s the truth…and you’re welcome.

Hey Herb, that’s mighty nice of you to say, but

YOU are still the man!!

see ya in the surf, pardner!